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ZUS will return PLN 1.59 billion in overpaid contributions to entrepreneurs

ZUS odda przedsiębiorcom 1,59 mld zł nadpłaconych składek
  • ZUS will soon stop paying refunds of overpaid health insurance premiums. Thanks to the fully automated process, 99% of cases have already been handled by July 4, 2024. conclusions.
  • In total, over 807,000 were received by ZUS. for a total amount of PLN 1.59 billion.

– We sent the first transfers to the accounts of companies with overpaid contributions on May 10, 2024. So far, PLN 1.36 billion of overpaid health insurance contributions have been returned to entrepreneurs – says Iwona Kowalska-Matis, regional spokesperson of ZUS in Lower Silesia.

– However, if the company had arrears in paying contributions, they were covered by the overpayment. Further tranches of overpaid contributions will soon be sent to entrepreneurs, he adds.

ZUS refunds the health insurance premium

The spokeswoman explains that if the payer has not submitted an application for a refund and has an overpayment from the annual settlement, ZUS must settle it on the payer's account. Although it has until the end of 2024, it launched settlement services on June 6, 2024. This process is now coming to an end.

In total, nearly 397 thousand on the accounts. payers, ZUS settled an overpayment of over PLN 516.7 million, which is 99 percent. amounts to be settled. Further amounts will be posted soon.

The current balance, including the annual settlement, is available in the payer's profile on the ZUS Electronic Services Platform. If the settlement results in an overpayment on the account, the payer may apply for its refund under general rules (submit an RZS-P application) or cover current contributions with it.

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