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Żabka will give PLN 14,000. PLN to people who will open their stores in these months

Żabka da 14 tys. zł osobom, które otworzą ich sklepy w tych miesiącach

Additionally, the chain ensures that all new franchisees are guaranteed a fully equipped and furnished store, access to training, modern technologies and constant support.

Żabka gives 14 thousand. PLN for the development of the store

Anyone who decides to start a business with Żabka and opens a store between August 1 and September 30, 2024, will receive a total of up to PLN 14,000 within 12 months of opening the store. This amount will constitute a bonus to the franchisee's income amounting to PLN 3,000 in the first month of operation and PLN 1,000 in the following 11 months, added to the income every month.

– Żabka, as one of the leaders of the franchise market in Poland, always tries to provide attractive terms of cooperation to its business partners. That's why we're introducing a special welcome package to support entrepreneurs in the first months of their business. We believe that such support will allow our franchisees to focus on developing their stores and providing the highest quality services to customers, says Przemysław Kijewski, Operations Director at Żabka Polska.

The network writes that welcome support is a foundation for an entrepreneur to start and an opportunity to invest in additional resources that will help him run his business even better. This may translate into higher quality of services provided and greater competitiveness on the local market. Each franchisee can use the funds received for any purpose, for example for business development. The funds received can be used, among others, for: for accounting support, for the purchase of an advertisement package that will facilitate the recruitment of employees, who are so key in running the store. It is also a budget from which you can organize an integration meeting that builds better relationships with your team. These funds can also finance language courses, studies or learning new skills, which will help in further professional development.

– For many people, the Żabki franchise is the best school of entrepreneurship, a fulfillment of dreams of running their own business and a chance for personal and professional development. I believe that the funds currently offered by the chain will help many entrepreneurs, especially from smaller towns, in running a store – says Grzegorz Sikora, a Żabka franchisee from Rzeszów and a member of the Franchise Council.

The launch of the new franchise offer coincides with the launch of an information and image campaign in which entrepreneurs cooperating with the chain will take part. The campaign will focus on Żabka's numerous benefits and competitive advantages, and there are many of them.

– The Żabka franchise allows you to start a business with a relatively small amount, around PLN 5,000. Moreover, according to data for the period January-May this year, over 86% of Żabka chain franchisees achieve income of at least PLN 27,000 per month. In Warsaw, over 88% of franchisees achieved PLN 30,000 or more in revenue per month in the period from January to May 2024, the company reports.

Entrepreneurs joining the network receive fully equipped and stocked premises, and the location of the future store is selected based on the analysis of many factors. Importantly, the network offers franchisees collective insurance "Business Policy", which, on the terms agreed with the insurance company, protects them against various unforeseen situations that may arise while running their own business and ensures financial stability when the cooperation ends. From the beginning of cooperation, franchisees have benefited from substantive, service and technological support. They also receive an extensive training package that prepares them to run a store and is tailored to their individual needs.

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