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Żabka merges with a marketing company. It will help the network reach the next level

Żabka łączy się z firmą marketingową. Pomoże sieci osiągnąć kolejny pułap

As part of the intended concentration, Żabka Polska and Berbenno will create a joint venture.

After establishing a joint venture, its activity will consist in providing Żabka and Żabka's business partners (suppliers) with marketing and communication services, also including consulting and analytical activities.

Berbenno's activities conducted through its subsidiaries focus on providing comprehensive marketing, digital and e-commerce services. Operating on the global market, Berbenno offers innovative solutions supporting brands in the effective use of modern technologies and digital tools. Berbenno focuses on providing high-quality marketing strategies, advertising campaigns and operational support, integrating various communication channels and modern data analysis techniques.

Żabka operates mainly on the retail market of everyday consumer goods through traditional stores (convenience type), i.e. with a sales area not exceeding 350 m2, organized in the Żabka chain. "Żabka" stores are run by franchisees based on cooperation and sublease agreements between them and Żabka.

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