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Yuan accounts for almost 100 percent of currency turnover in Russia (

Juaniui tenka beveik 100 procentų valiutų apyvartos Rusijoje (

The yuan's share in the Russian currency market reached 99.6 percent. Trading in dollars and euros on the Moscow stock exchange has been suspended due to Western sanctions, the Bloomberg media group reported.

In May, China's national currency, the yuan, accounted for only 53.6 percent of currency turnover on the Russian stock exchange, while the latest US restrictions introduced in mid-June resulted in the suspension of trading in dollars and euros.

Last month, the average daily currency trading volume fell to $282 billion due to new sanctions, according to data from Russia's central bank. rubles.

The dollar and the euro remain in the over-the-counter market – currency turnover fell slightly to 13 trillion rubles, the share of the yuan increased by 0.8 percentage points to 40 percent.

Since the beginning of this year, the Russian ruble has appreciated over three percent against the American dollar, and over five percent against our currency.

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