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X5 Club compiled a rating of cities for wine purchases: Moscow took first place, Ufa came in last

«Х5 Клуб» составил рейтинг городов по покупкам вина: первое место заняла Москва, на последнем — Уфа

Analysts of the X5 Club loyalty program conducted a study of customer activity in 13 million-plus cities . They studied how often the wine category appears in Perekrestok customers’ receipts.



The study analyzed purchases in the category for January-May 2023 and 2024. Based on the results, a rating of cities in which wine is most actively purchased was compiled.

Moscow takes first place in the ranking – wine is found in 3.1% of cases on Muscovites' receipts. In 2024, residents of the capital bought 3.8 million liters of wine, an increase of 3.5% year on year. Among all wine receipts, 1% are premium receipts (over 2,000 rubles) – this is the highest figure among all cities in the rating.

Samara takes second place. Wine is found in 2.9% of cases in the receipts of city residents. In 2024, Samara bought 8.2% more wine year on year – that’s more than 220 thousand liters, and the share of premium wines amounted to 0.7% of all wine receipts.

Perm ranks third in the ranking – wine is found in 2.8% of city residents' receipts. In 2024, they bought 9.4% more wine compared to the same period last year – that’s 70 thousand liters. The share of premium wines was 0.6% of all wine receipts.

Also in third place is Yekaterinburg, where wine is found in 2.8% of city residents’ receipts. Interestingly, in Yekaterinburg, the volume of purchased wine in liters in 2024 amounted to more than 220 thousand liters, which corresponds to the volumes in Samara. Moreover, the figure is 3 times higher than in Perm, which also took third place, where about 70 thousand liters of wine were purchased. In total, city residents bought 0.4% less wine year-on-year, and the share of receipts with premium wines amounted to 0.5%—over the year, demand for them increased by 0.2%.

Fourth place was shared by Voronezh and St. Petersburg – wine is found in receipts of city residents in 2.7% of cases. In 2024, residents of Voronezh purchased 9.6% more wine (102 thousand liters) than a year earlier. Moreover, this figure is 12 times less than in St. Petersburg, where over the same period more than 1.2 million liters of wine were purchased – demand for the category in the city decreased by 0.9% year on year. It is noteworthy that in St. Petersburg they drink premium wines 5.4 times less than Muscovites – the share of receipts with premium wines was 0.5% of the total number of receipts with wine, as in Voronezh.

пресс-релиз - Москва, Самара и Пермь возглавили рейтинг городов по частоте покупок вина_пресс-релиз

Source: X5 Club

Volgograd is in fifth place in the ranking, where wine appears on customers’ receipts in 2.4% of cases. In 2024, city residents bought more wine by 37.9% year-on-year, the total volume amounted to 99 thousand liters. The share of receipts with premium wines increased over the year by 0.3% and amounted to 0.8% of all receipts with wine. In numerical terms, Volgograd is the only city in the sample that can compete with Moscow in this indicator.

Sixth place was shared by Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar – wine is found in 2.3% of city residents’ receipts. In 2024, the volume of wine purchases in Nizhny Novgorod increased by 9% to 96 thousand liters, in Krasnodar by 14.5% to 78 thousand liters, and in Rostov-on-Don, on the contrary, decreased by 4.3% to 102 thousand liters of purchased wine. The share of receipts with premium wines in Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar was 0.5% of all receipts with wine, and in Nizhny Novgorod – 0.4%.

Kazan and Chelyabinsk are in seventh place – wine is found in customer receipts in 1.7% of cases. In 2024, in Kazan, the demand for wine increased by 7.2% year-on-year to 40 thousand liters, and the share of receipts with premium wines was 0.6%. In Chelyabinsk, the volume of purchased wine amounted to 12 thousand liters – demand for it decreased by 14.5% year-on-year, which makes the city an anti-leader in the rating, and the share of premium wine receipts amounted to 0.3% of all wine receipts – this is the smallest indicator among all cities in numerical terms.

Ufa closed the rating – only in 1.4% of cases is wine found on the receipts of city residents. At the same time, the demand for wine in 2024 increased by 12%, which is catching up with Krasnodar in terms of growth rates (14.5%). The volume of wine purchased was 30 thousand liters, and the share of receipts with premium wines was 0.4% of all receipts with wine.

X5 Club analysts noted a trend for white and red dry wines – they are in first place in demand in each city of the rating, and the least popular were sweet rose wines and red brut. At the same time, residents of Ufa are the only ones who prefer semi-sweet wines – in 2024, Ufa residents purchased 7.5 thousand liters of red semi-sweet wine and 7.2 thousand of white semi-sweet wine.

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