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Will you have to crawl? The pensioner was unable to board the new Vivi train. Latvijas dzelzceļš promises changes

Придется ползком? Пенсионерка не смогла подняться в новую электричку Vivi. Latvijas dzelzceļš обещает перемены

A video of an elderly woman trying to board the new Vivi train received a lot of attention on social networks. The old platform is low and the train steps are high. It happened at the Skulte station. Representatives of VAS Latvijas dzelzceļš and AS Pasažieru vilciens (Vivi brand) apologized for the inconvenience and promised changes. A Delfi Business reader also witnessed a similar situation. “When the train approached, I saw a woman who was trying with great effort to get on the train. Her legs couldn’t reach her, the handrail was too far. I helped her. A conversation began between us. The woman said that once young people tried to help her – but it ended in that they apparently did not calculate their strength, they pushed the woman into the carriage, she could not resist and fell. All this is fraught with serious health problems. Not to mention the fact that it is simply humiliating to ask for help every time, and if there is no one. nearby, trying to somehow get into the train,” says the reader.

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