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What are the prices for grain and rapeseed from this year's harvest? Combine harvesters already produce wheat, triticale and rye

Jakie ceny za zboże i rzepak z tegorocznych zbiorów? Kombajny już w pszenicy, pszenżycie i życie
  • From this article you will find out what the prices of cereals and rapeseed are on July 9, 2024.
  • There are often queues at rapeseed purchases.

The harvest is underway. Barley has already been harvested in all regions of the country, and there are places where the harvest has even ended. Yields are not very high, averaging 5 t/ha, but the quality parameters of the grain are very good, from density to protein. The price per ton has increased by PLN 10 in recent days and is on average approximately PLN 600. What about rapeseed? Here the result is very mixed. There will certainly be no record harvests, but the average is expected to be around 3.5 t/ha. Oil content is high, usually exceeding 42%, and humidity is low – 6%. What about the price? It has dropped by as much as PLN 60 per tonne in the last 24 hours. This happened both on the commodity exchange and in purchasing stores, where a tonne costs from PLN 1,900 to PLN 2,060. Wheat is also already being harvested. However, its humidity is sometimes too high, reaching 14.5%. This is the beginning of this harvest, so the yields are not yet representative. The quality is not satisfactory yet, because, for example, the gluten content is below 30% and the density is not high. The price of a ton of consumer grain usually increased by PLN 10 during the week to the level of approximately PLN 820, but feed wheat has already become cheaper and costs approximately PLN 730. We also have information about the first harvest of rye and triticale, which shows that it is too early for them. Reason? Too high humidity, reaching as much as 17%. Besides, high falling number and low density.

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