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We look for luxury on second-hand clothing platforms

Na platformach z odzieżą używaną szukamy luksusu
  • Last year, 30% of Poles bought at least one second-hand luxury item, many paying over EUR 500 for it.
  • 64% of Polish respondents buy second-hand luxury items online and almost 50% use Vinted for this purpose.

Vinted asked respondents in Poland about their shopping habits for second-hand luxury fashion. Research results indicate that Poles identify luxury more with a well-known brand than with a high price, and as their income increases, they increasingly begin to look for specific items worth over EUR 500. The most common motivation is financial issues (54%), but not only that. Many (almost 16%) perceive such a purchase as a good investment. Most often, we look for high-end clothes, although men also reach for watches, and women for jewelry and handbags. Polish respondents paid between EUR 500 and EUR 1,000 for the most expensive second-hand items purchased over the last year.

Why do we reach for second-hand luxury items?

The results of research conducted by the research agency Stem Mark on behalf of Vinted indicate that over 71% of Poles, when reaching for luxury items, are guided by current fashion trends, and over 16% draw inspiration from influencers. Respondents primarily point to higher quality. Apart from the fact that when reaching for second-hand luxury items we want to save (54%) or find a good deal (37%), almost 16% of us see it as a good investment, and every fourth (25%) chooses used items. , as a better choice for the climate.

According to research, 3 out of 5 respondents in Poland would consider buying second-hand luxury items, and every third of us has already made such a purchase in the last year. Women willingly buy luxury clothes, handbags and second-hand jewelry, while men prefer watches.

Over the last year, 68% of respondents spent between EUR 500 and EUR 1,000 for the most expensive luxury item, and 30% of women (versus 25% of men) spent between EUR 1,000 and EUR 5,000 for this purpose. Less than 5% (4.5%) of respondents paid more than EUR 5,000 for a selected second-hand item.

The authenticity of things is no less important

The results of research conducted for Vinted indicate that the most important factor when purchasing second-hand luxury items is quality, followed by price and style. Although not always. People with richer wallets are much less price-oriented and pay more attention to style; for many of them, visible branding and brand logos are important. Whether a given item is authentic is important to over 55% of respondents who buy second-hand luxury items. 64% of respondents from Poland buy luxury second-hand items online, and almost 50% use Vinted for this purpose.

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