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We know the exact date of payment of cereal subsidies. A correction factor will be applied

Znamy dokładny termin wypłaty dopłat do zbóż. Będzie zastosowany współczynnik korygujący

When will cereal subsidies be paid?

Today, ministers presented current plans regarding the upcoming aid and subsidies in agriculture. The statements included information on the expected payments of cereal subsidies.

As Deputy Minister Michał Kołodziejczak pointed out when asked by the editors of, the payment of cereal subsidies will start any day now.

– The payment of aid for grain producers will start next Monday, i.e. on July 15, so it is actually a short time. Then it will all start and farmers will be able to count on support, Kołodziejczak noted.

What is the correction coefficient for cereal subsidies?

In turn, Deputy Minister Stefan Krajewski pointed out that the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture carries out many activities under which it pays money to farmers, starting from area payments, through investment activities, and support in various activities.

– One of these actions were subsidies for grain sold from January 1 to May 31, 2024. By June 5, farmers submitted over 187,000. applications to the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture. These applications have all been entered into the system. Due to the fact that more applications were received, for a larger amount than we expected, because PLN 2.1 billion was the amount that we assumed would be paid as part of this aid. It turned out that the applications received were for a larger amount. A correction factor has been applied, but it will only be 8%. to the amounts we talked about earlier, i.e. PLN 200 for grain sold by March 10 and PLN 300 per tonne for grain sold after March 10, so this correction factor is small.

As already indicated, the Agency will soon start making payments to farmers' accounts. Stefan Krajewski pointed out that this was an action that was intended to increase the supply of grain to the market. – It was supposed to cause the grain to be taken out of Poland and exported. According to the first findings, it turns out that we have gotten rid of this large surplus of grain, of course, everything is being analyzed and checked, and we will be able to talk about specific numbers in the near future – he added.

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