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TV production in the Russian Federation and Belarus increased by 30–70%

Производство телевизоров в РФ и Белоруссии выросло на 30–70%

Since the beginning of the year, TV manufacturers owned by Russian legal entities (among them BBK, Hyundai, Telefunken, etc. ) have increased the assembly and production of equipment in the Russian Federation and Belarus by 30-70%, writes Kommersant .



The main reasons for increasing production were stable demand for the category, an increase in online sales and the desire of companies to occupy a significant market share amid the departure of Western vendors. In particular, Telefunken, BQ and Erisson have increased their production since the beginning of this year by about 30% each, and BBK has doubled it, from 110 thousand devices per year to 220 thousand. The rights to use all of these brands belong to Russian legal entities.

Specialists from M.Video-Eldorado also noted that in the first half of the year, about 5 million televisions were sold in the Russian Federation for 145 billion rubles, which is more than year-on-year by 32% and 58%, respectively. Among the leaders were Haier, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG and Hisense. BBK occupies 1% of the market, BQ – 0.5%, Erisson – 0.5%, Telefunken – 0.3%.

Hyundai Product Director at Merlion ( Merlion LLC ) Ekaterina Subbotina confirmed that the production volume of TVs under this brand has increased by 70% since the beginning of the year compared to 2023 figures. According to her, this TV brand is produced in Belarus and by the end of the year the brand’s share in the Russian market could grow by 15-17 percentage points.

Market participants also noted that there is currently a transfer of TV assembly from Asian contract manufacturing to Russian sites, which provide more favorable conditions. The growth of production in Russia due to migration to local factories could reach up to 20% by the end of the year. But, according to experts, only ecosystem players such as Yandex and Sber will be able to take leading positions in the TV market.

“Whichever manufacturer can offer more convenient operating systems or service solutions available to consumers will claim leadership,” noted Larisa Senina , director of the household appliances department at Marvel Distribution .

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