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This iconic Polish product resisted chemicals from Germany. Now he's moving to the West

Ten kultowy polski produkt oparł się chemii z Niemiec. Teraz rusza na Zachód
  • Last year, Ludwik dishwashing liquid produced by the INCO Group was the most frequently chosen liquid by Poles. Ludwik dishwashing liquid produced by the INCO Group was among the 10 strongest brands in the Best Brands Award ranking for 2023 in the Best Polish Brand category.
  • According to data from the research company NielsenIQ, Ludwik's volume share in the market in 2023 was 31%.

The most frequently chosen dishwashing liquid

– We are proud that over decades on the market and with growing competition, we have managed to maintain such a strong position as the first Polish Ludwik dishwashing liquid. Last year, we were the most frequently chosen liquid by Poles. The product has changed over the years, but the most important thing was to maintain high quality, follow customer needs and introduce new technological concepts – says Sławomir Józefiak, president of the management board of Grupa INCO.

When it was created in 1964, the first and only such product on the market, Ludwik dishwashing liquid, had no competition. Today it is quite large. Despite this, Ludwik's share in the total sales of all dishwashing liquids in Poland reached 31%. in volume terms in 2023, which puts it first in this category (NielsenIQ results). The INCO Group, the manufacturer of Ludwik liquid, recorded a sales dynamics of this product of 37% in 2023. Every year. Over 60 years of presence on the market, the Ludwik product series has expanded significantly. The following are very popular, among others: ecological dishwasher tablets, which recorded 27% in 2023. year-on-year sales growth, as well as window cleaning fluids.

What do we know about the fluid manufacturer Ludwik

GRUPA INCO SA is one of the most famous Polish producers of household chemicals, garden fertilizers and plastic packaging, which also operates on the real estate market. The company was founded in 1947 and represents exclusively domestic private capital. It employs over 700 people in plants located in Góra Kalwaria, Susz, Izabelin, Koniecpol and Borów. The company owns many popular brands such as Ludwik, Biostar Cleaning Products, Buwi, Florovit and Azofoska. The assortment manufactured by GRUPA INCO is appreciated both in Poland and abroad.

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