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There is a boom in renovation specialists until the end of September

Do końca września trwa boom na specjalistów od remontów

Data was collected in the period from March 2023 to March 2024. analyzed 36,623 thousand inquiries that appeared on the platform at the indicated time and concerned topics related to renovation of houses and apartments.

Apartment owners renovate more often

According to the data, the most popular area of renovation work among respondents was apartments, which was chosen by as many as 65% of those ordering work online. The most frequently renovated rooms were rooms (69%), bathrooms (63%) and kitchens (58%). There is also interest in renovating the hall/hall (52%). Other rooms, such as the hall, are renovated to a lesser extent.

In most cases, contractors decide to renovate one (28%) room. However, there are also those who plan a general renovation, choosing three or four rooms (17% for both values).

In apartments, we are most likely (39%) to renovate rooms with an area of 21 to 50 m². However, rooms below 10 m² and from 51 to 80 m² are chosen by 19% of clients each.

The most frequently performed renovation works in apartments include: painting (60%), laying tiles (52%), removing old coatings (52%), installing electrical sockets (43%) and renovating the plumbing system (40%).

Most people ordering work online (68%) do not have a specific finishing design, but they know what they expect. In turn, 19% ask the contractor for suggestions, and 12% have a ready finishing design.

However, the largest group, as many as 40%, want to carry out renovation works as soon as possible. However, 29% of contractors expect the waiting time for proven and reliable specialists to be 1-3 months.

A Pole is looking for a specialist…

Based on the analyzed data, it can be seen how important it is to have a flexible approach to customer needs and the ability to quickly respond to various expectations. The availability of dates and the professionalism of specialists become key factors determining the choice of renovation services, especially in the case of customers who want to carry out renovation works in a short time or plan implementation in the long term, but expect a reliable approach to their project. – notes Marta Kaleta-Domaradzka from – The mere fact that as many as 19% of respondents, which is nearly 5,000 people, asks the contractor for advice, shows high trust in the selected contractor.

Regardless of whether we decide to renovate a house or an apartment, we must remember that the holiday season is a time for finishing already built houses and holidays, at least part of which we always spend on minor repairs and changes in our interiors. Therefore, when planning work during this period, first of all, we must remember that the best contractors have already been booked and their availability will be limited, and secondly, the waiting time will be longer – and even, as reported by the platform, we will have There is a boom in renovation specialists.

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