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The St. Petersburg OFAS recognized the Burger King advertisement as reliable

Санкт-Петербургское УФАС признало рекламу «Бургер Кинга» достоверной

The St. Petersburg OFAS Russia confirmed that Burger King indeed cooks its burgers on fire. This was reported by the network's press service .

Фото: Ольга Крыкова/

Photo: Olga Krykova/

Earlier, the FAS received a complaint about the wording from an advertisement for a fast food chain: “Burger King cooks burgers on fire.”

The department doubted this and conducted an investigation. As evidence, the company attached a file with video material that recorded working professional catering equipment used by Burger King in all of the chain’s restaurants. FAS accepted the evidence and recognized the network’s statement as reliable.

“The department checked all the circumstances: Burger King really cooks its burgers on fire,” the press service of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia for St. Petersburg reported.

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