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The Russian Federation may ban smoking at public stops and near shops

В РФ могут запретить курение на общественных остановках и у магазинов

On July 11, a bill will be submitted to the State Duma prohibiting smoking at public transport stops, near shops and organizations located in apartment buildings, and within 5 meters from them, Izvestia writes.



According to information from the explanatory note to the new bill, in accordance with the law “On protecting the health of citizens from the effects of environmental tobacco smoke, the consequences of tobacco consumption or consumption of nicotine-containing products,” smoking is prohibited at metro stations, in the premises of railway stations, bus stations and airports, the statement says. explanatory note, but at public transport stops in the open air there are currently no such restrictions.

In addition, the current ban does not apply to entrances to shops and organizations located in apartment buildings, near which residents and guests of the country regularly smoke. The authors of the initiative emphasized that such behavior of smoking people interferes with the comfortable living of citizens on the second floors or in neighboring apartments on the first floors.

The bill will be submitted to the lower house of parliament by the head of the LDPR faction Leonid Slutsky, deputy chairman of the health protection committee Sergei Leonov and other deputies.

“We receive many requests to resolve the issue of smoking at public transport stops and near shops. These are mainly those people who do not want to breathe cigarette smoke. Moreover, if we now have a smoking ban, for example, at a railway station and at a distance of less than 15 m from the entrance to it, then at bus stops or near the entrance to a store there is no such thing,” explained Sergei Leonov.

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