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The roof has a steel covering that lasts up to half a century

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The roof is one of the most complex constructions of the house, it is necessary to pay enough attention and use quality materials for its construction. When choosing a roof covering, one of the main selection criteria is durability and durability. A high-quality roof will last for decades, so it is worth choosing a reliable manufacturer. Perhaps the most common choice is a steel roof covering that can last even half a century.

High-quality steel roofing is long-lasting, ecological and recyclable

Ruukki experts, who have many years of experience in the production of high-quality steel roof products, point out that the roof accounts for 20-25 percent of the total price of the house, so investments in the building should be well thought out. Due to good resistance to environmental factors and friendliness to nature, steel roofing is becoming more and more popular and is a common choice. Such a roof is distinguished by strength and durability.

The World Steel Association conducted a life-cycle study of the environmental impact of different roof coverings. The results revealed that a steel roof is the most sustainable option, as its impact on the environment and climate change is 60 percent lower than other roofs. In addition, even after years of use, steel sheets can be recycled and reused.

The durability of the roof mostly depends on the quality class of the product. A double guarantee is provided for the steel roof covering – technical and aesthetic. The first indicates how many years the roof will remain sealed and not rust to the point of a hole. For example, Ruukki 30 quality class coatings are guaranteed for 30 years on technical and 10 years on aesthetic properties. The top-class Ruukki 50 Plus coating can last even half a century – it is guaranteed for 50 years of technical and 25 years of aesthetic properties.

What profile roof covering should be chosen so that the external appearance remains good throughout its service life?

The durability of the roof is determined by its ability to withstand various natural factors: wind, temperature differences, moisture, precipitation. When choosing a roof, it is necessary to evaluate the service life, it can be calculated taking into account how long the roof does not need to be repainted, repaired or otherwise managed. A suitable profile covering will prevent these works for several decades.

Experts advise choosing a thicker sheet steel, so you will be more protected from the threat of bends or dents. The standard sheet thickness is 0.50 mm, and for premium products such as Ruukki Classic Authentic – 0.60 mm. The thicker the sheets, the stronger they are.

It is necessary to evaluate the quality of the galvanized steel sheet. The thickness of the zinc layer also affects the durability of the roof and protection against corrosion at the edges of the cut sheets and in the areas where the sheets are formed. When choosing a covering for the roof, it is advised to compare the production parameters of various manufacturers. There are cases on the market where steel sheets used for roofing are coated with only 100-250 g/m2 of zinc. The minimum zinc layer for Ruukki roofing is 275 g/m2, an even layer on both sides of the sheet.

External polymer coating of the sheet can be of several types, the appearance and durability of the roof mostly depend on it. It is important that the protective layers of the steel are covered with quality – this will prevent damages, paint micro-cracks and overstretching.

If the surface of the coating is covered with a polymer coating of a high-quality chemical composition, which has been tested in natural outdoor conditions over several decades, then it will maintain bright and uniform colors, and there will be no noticeable fading spots. High-quality polymer-coated steel roofs are extremely resistant to ultraviolet rays and strong, so there is no need to fear that the roof will lose its good appearance or become leaky after a dozen years. For example, Ruukki 50 Plus quality coatings meet the highest categories of the EN 10169:2022 standard, tightened in 2022: RC5+ corrosion resistance and Ruv5 UV resistance.

Steel roofing is easy to maintain

In order for the roof to last as long as possible, you should not forget at least its seasonal inspection. It is recommended to inspect the roof coating every year, and if you notice accumulated dirt and plaque, clean it with a soft brush or wash it with a stream of water. Larger mud deposits after rain trap moisture, increasing the risk of corrosion when ice forms. A dirty roof will spoil the look of the whole house.

The steel coating is resistant to the effects of various natural phenomena. Considering the climatic conditions of Lithuania, "Ruukki" advises to choose long-lasting materials that are resistant to changing weather conditions, freeze-thaw cycles, which sometimes occur several times in one day in Lithuania. The steel roof covering is resistant to heat, cold, erosion, does not crack, so it does not need to be repaired after every cold season.

The coating is simple and easy to operate, as it requires minimal and inexpensive maintenance. Rain and snow wash away the dirt, the dirt does not soak into the roof covering, it does not become covered with mold, lichen or moss. The roof is easy to clean, so it is easy to ensure its long-term good appearance.

Do not forget the safety elements of the roof. They provide additional safety when using the roof and protect it from folding or breaking while walking, ice scratches and other technical damage, rain gutters, solar collectors and other roof elements. A roof with a safety element will remain beautiful, tight and last much longer.

You can find all the materials and tools needed for roof constructions for their installation in the Lankava store at Kepyklos str. 17, Alytus, and if you need a consultation, experienced specialists are always ready to provide professional assistance in choosing. Contact our team at the point of sale, phone +370 618 40229, +370 618 71278 or email by mail: [email protected] and purchase the highest quality products at a good price.


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