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The income of "Snaigė" decreased by a third this year to 2.9 million. euros

„Snaigės“ pajamos šiemet mažėjo trečdaliu iki 2,9 mln. eurų

The sales revenue of Snaigė, the only refrigerator manufacturing company in the Baltic States, reached 2.9 million in the first quarter of this year. euros and, compared to the same period last year, fell by 32.5 percent. (4.3 million euros in 2023).

The company's total loss decreased 22 times to 21 thousand. euros, when in January-March 2023 it reached 459 thousand. euros, according to the interim financial report of "Snaigės" for the first quarter of this year, which was distributed on the "Nasdaq" Vilnius stock exchange on Friday.

Snaigė's loss before taxation in the first quarter amounted to 920 thousand. euros and was 31 percent. lower than the year before (1.33 million euros).

In 2023, Snaigė's consolidated sales revenue reached 17.1 million. EUR – 19.5 percent. less than in 2022 (21.2 million euros), and the loss before taxation – 3.3 million. euros – 42.6 percent. less than in 2022, when this loss was 5.7 million. euros.

The total profit of "Snaigė" last year reached 246 thousand. euros, when in 2022 the company experienced 609 thousand. total loss of EUR.

At the end of last September, the company "EDS Invest 3" controlled by the Lithuanian debt management company "Easy Debt Service" for 500 thousand. purchased a controlling stake in "Snaigė" from the Cypriot company "Sekenora Holdings" for EUR.

Currently, EDS Invest 3 owns 91.33 percent. "Snaigė" share package.

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