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The Forma company plans to commission more than 26 thousand sq. m. by 2027. m street retail

Компания Forma планирует до 2027 года ввести более 26 тысяч кв. м стрит-ритейла

By 2027, the developer Forma plans to build 26 thousand square meters of commercial infrastructure in 5 residential projects. This is about 6% of the total construction volume. In order to preserve the conceptual solutions of the quarters, the company will independently select partners and tenants for 70% of the retail space.

Oleg Elkov/Shutterstock/Fotodom

Oleg Elkov/Shutterstock/Fotodom

Over the past few years, capital housing developers have realized the importance of carefully designing the infrastructure concept for commercial premises in complex developments and their investment attractiveness. Today these are not low-liquid cells on the ground floors, but well-thought-out areas of various sizes and functional purposes, with appropriate engineering and communications. Often designed for a specific purpose, for example, a cafe, restaurant, supermarket or fitness.

“In total, by the time the construction of five city blocks is completed in 2032, we plan to commission about 58 thousand square meters of street retail space ,” said Ilya Cheprasov, head of the development company Forma . — We will implement this volume in two stages. Currently, a strategy is being developed for the implementation of commercial sites only in the first phases of construction, that is, over a period of 2–3 years.”

The developer plans to bring street retail space to the market by 2027 in several districts of Moscow at once. The largest volume, about 11,909 sq. m will be presented in the Presnya district as part of the construction of the Republic city quarter. Another 2,692 sq. m will appear in the south of the capital in the Portland quarter and 1,694 sq.m in the Danilovsky district on the territory of the Forst quarter. In the north, the developer plans to sell 9,646 sq. m. m on the territory of the Soul city block in the Airport metro area, as well as 665 sq. m on the first floors of a residential building in the Moments quarter near the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo park in the north-west of the capital.

We plan to leave up to 70% of the retail space in each of them under our control in order to maintain a balance among tenants,” Evgenia Borzova, head of commercial real estate at Forma, shared her plans. — We have a direct connection with future residents, we analyze their needs and, based on the information received, we form infrastructure facilities in our projects. This approach eliminates the “erosion” of infrastructure quality. We regulate processes even in the event of a change of tenant and control that shops, cafes, restaurants and other services not only correspond to the class of housing, but also become points of attraction for the city, preserving the original atmosphere created within the entire project.”

A third of openings in street retail in Moscow and St. Petersburg since the beginning of the year occurred in catering establishments

Investments in the capital's street retail could grow by 55% by the end of the year

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