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The EU approves new varieties of GMO corn

UE zatwierdza nowe odmiany kukurydzy GMO

As the responsible committee said in a press release, none of the approvals cover the cultivation of a particular maize variety in the EU. Moreover, all products made from it would be subject to strict EU rules on labeling and traceability.

Approvals valid for 10 years

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has previously issued a positive scientific assessment, concluding that these varieties are as safe as conventional maize varieties.

As Member States did not reach a majority for or against the approval either in the committee responsible or in the appeal committee, the European Commission had to take a decision on the approvals. They are valid for 10 years.

Strict approval process

The EU imports significant amounts of GMO feed, but only a small amount of GMO food. EU authorization is required not only for the cultivation of GMOs, but also for placing GMOs on the market and using products derived from them in the food and feed chain.

This authorization will only be granted provided that a thorough assessment carried out by the European Food Safety Authority in cooperation with the scientific authorities of the Member States shows that there is no risk to human or animal health or the environment.

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