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The chain of stores is going public, this is how much it earned last year

Sieć sklepów zmierza na giełdę, tyle zarobiła w zeszłym roku

According to data from the financial statements of Żabka Polska, the company recorded PLN 357.6 million of consolidated net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company in 2023, compared to PLN 382.84 million of profit a year earlier.

– A special year is behind us, in which we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Żabka. For a quarter of a century, our chain has undergone a huge transformation – from a traditional store to the most innovative and fastest growing chain of stores in Europe. We are constantly improving our offer for customers in line with the latest trends, investing in modern logistics solutions and creating digital tools that are unique on the market with our customers and franchisees in mind. Our organizational culture, based on values, results in the desire for constant change and multidimensional development. Our ambition was to develop the Żabka Group ecosystem outside Poland and I am glad that in December 2023 we took the first, but very important step in this direction by concluding an agreement to acquire majority shares, and as a result, partnership, with DRIM Daniel Distributie. We have thus begun the next stage in the history of the Żabka Group, expanding our operations to the Romanian market – commented Tomasz Suchański, president of Żabka.

PLN 360 million of net profit of the Żabka chain

Selected financial data and key performance indicators (Żabka Group and Żabka Polska) Selected financial data and key performance indicators (Żabka Group and Żabka Polska)

Żabka reports that the value of sales to end customers in 2023 amounted to PLN 22,775 million. The following three factors mainly contributed to the increase in revenues compared to 2022:
• expansion of the store network,
• increase in comparable sales (Like for Like – LfL) with a higher average value of the shopping basket and frequency of visits to stores,
• digital offer for customers

Żabka opens 1,100 new stores and closes 107

In 2023, the chain opened 1,100 new branches, closing only 107, which means that at the end of the year the Żabka chain had 10,014 stores. The development of the store base translated into an increase in the value of sales to end customers by PLN 2,143 million (2022: PLN 1,514 million).

– In relation to physical channels, we plan to further expand the stationary network, using AI tools to locate additional sales points, guaranteeing very good results of newly opened stores. We want to continue to attract new customers and increase the frequency of purchases in our network. To this end, we are implementing a number of various initiatives, such as optimizing the store layout, introducing new attractive services and formats, and activities focused on strategic product categories (mainly Quick Meal Solutions products), the report states.

Let us remind you that PAP reported that the Żabka Group wants to open on average about 900 stores per year over the next 5 years.

Żabka creates SuperApp

The chain plans to develop digital sales channels by expanding the reach of q-commerce services and an online supermarket (Żabka Jush! and Delio).

– We will also work on further optimization of the dietary catering offer (via Maczfit and Dietly) and acquiring new customers interested in this type of solutions. The Żappka application will remain the gateway to the convenience ecosystem we are building, but at the same time we will be implementing SuperApp – a new, even more extensive mobile application for customers, which is a unique solution on the market – it was written.

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