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Supplier of cold cuts to Biedronka. Expansion of the machine park and opening of own stores

Dostawca wędlin do Biedronki. Rozbudowa parku maszyn i otwarcia własnych sklepów

UOKiK with the police in Dino and Biedronka. This time it's about employees

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UOKiK with the police in Dino and Biedronka. This time it's about employees

Until the end of 2019, ZM Szubryt operated as a sole proprietorship. Now it operates as a limited liability company. The company produces meats and bread, which are sold to external customers and in its own company stores. Retail sales are carried out in 107 retail outlets located in the following voivodeships: Lesser Poland, Silesia and Podkarpackie, of which 17 are large supermarkets with the Delikatesy Szubryt logo. The company also runs its own cafe and restaurant.
The production of cold meats, ready meals in jars and on trays takes place in two production plants: in Chełmiec, at ul. Węgrzynek and Nowy Sącz, at ul. Tarnowska. Bakery production takes place in Biczyce Dolne.

Profitable business

In 2023, the company generated a net profit of PLN 28.8 million.

The company has a very large share of sales in cash or using payment cards in its company stores and to small contractors who collect the goods on site and pay at the company's cash register. A factoring agreement is concluded with the company's largest external recipient (the Biedronka chain – ed.). The company concluded a factoring agreement with a limit of PLN 12,000,000. As at December 31, 2023, the balance of PLN 0 was used.

At the end of 2023, the cash balance was PLN 28.5 million, which together
with term receivables fully cover the company's liabilities.

What do we know about ZM Szubryt?

Szubryt is a family company from Beskid Sądecki. He has been cooperating with Biedronka for several years. The company started breeding its own animals and producing its own feed. Since the cooperation with the Szubryt chain, it employs 100 more employees, has 4 new packaging lines and 25 percent more. larger production and clothing warehouse space. The company employs 1,250 employees.

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