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Stokrotka will be like Lidl and Biedronka. Introduces an innovative service

Stokrotka będzie jak Lidl i Biedronka. Wprowadza innowacyjną usługę

Stokrotka belongs to the Lithuanian Maxima Group, so choosing a Lithuanian partner for the installation and operation of charging stations seems to be a natural choice.

Inbalance grid charging stations will be installed, among others: in Lublin, Warsaw, Wrocław, Łódź and smaller cities and towns. Many of them currently have zero infrastructure for charging electric cars, because such infrastructure in Poland is concentrated almost exclusively around the largest cities.

Inbalance grid was established in 2019 and currently provides over 800 public and private charging points in the Baltic countries.

The recently signed agreement may make Inbalance grid one of the five largest charging point operators in Poland. – Comfortable and easy-to-use stations, integrated with charging applications, will soon be built at Stokrotki. Thanks to this, customers will be able to conveniently combine shopping in our stores with charging their vehicle, says Daria Raganowicz, PR and external communications manager at Stokrotka.

Stokrotka chose cooperation with Inbalance grid due to the speed of project implementation as well as the innovation and safety of the solutions offered. The hardware and software have international certificates and are patented in the EU.

As company representatives emphasize, their goal is to provide affordable and convenient charging services, tailored to the needs of drivers. The company's president, Simonas Stankus, assures that the partnership with Stokrotka will mean the presentation of breakthrough technology in Poland and the beginning of the joint development of electromobility in this country.

– Our cloud-based power balancing solutions and seamless integration with building management systems and internal business systems provide benefits for our partners and end customers alike. Moreover, our project is focused on scalability, so it will easily adapt to market developments in the future,” explains Simonas Stankus.

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