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Since the beginning of the year, the number of VinLab chain stores has exceeded 1,800

С начала года количество магазинов сети «ВинЛаб» превысило 1 800

Novabev Group has summed up its operating results for the first half of 2024.

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According to information from the Novabev Group press release, the results of the first half of 2024 correspond to the level of last year: total shipments changed slightly – exceeded 6.9 million deciliters (-1.5%). Shipments of our own products in Russia amounted to 5.3 million deciliters compared to 5.4 million deciliters a year earlier, and shipments of imported partner brands, as in 2023, approached 1.6 million deciliters (-0.8%).

The number of VinLab retail outlets reached 1,810 in June, and the sales volume of its own retail increased by 32.5% compared to 2023.

Double-digit growth rates were noted by analysts among brands from the premium and super-premium segments, which has a positive impact on margins. The fastest growing brands for the period were Beluga (+28%), Orthodox (+28%) and White Owl (+49.6%) vodka brands. Among non-vodka brands, the greatest positive dynamics were recorded for the Treasure of Tiflis cognac (+11.9%) and Devil's Island rum (+27.8%).

As for the VinLab network, during the specified period of time, sales volume increased by 32.5% compared to the same period in 2023. The high figure is ensured by double-digit growth in traffic +10.7% and average check +19.6%. The number of retail outlets increased by 153 in the first half of the year, exceeding the 1,800 store mark.

In 2023, total sales in the VinLab network increased by 35%

In 2023, the VinLab network increased by more than 300 points

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