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Since the beginning of the wedding season, crystal sales in the Russian Federation have increased 3 times

С началом свадебного сезона продажи хрусталя в РФ выросли в 3 раза

The Avdeev Crystal company found that since the beginning of summer, demand for large purchases – sets of dishes and interior items – has increased by 30%. The company associated this with the start of the wedding season: expensive dishes and accessories are bought as gifts, perceiving them as an investment in a new family.

Demiantseva Olha/Shutterstock/Fotodom

Demiantseva Olha/Shutterstock/Fotodom

The most significant growth was demonstrated by collections of crystal glassware and vases. A separate growing category is crystal vases. The times when this decorative item was considered the best gift for a teacher are gone, the company said. Today they are often ordered as gifts for newlyweds.

“Drink sets and decorative items are things that newlyweds do not purchase first, but they are a wonderful gift from family or friends that will remind them of the celebration for many years,” says Alexander Avdeev, deputy general director of Avdeev Crystal. is not only a beautiful gift, but also a rational investment in a future family. Crystal products are timeless classics that are passed down from generation to generation, emphasize status and do not lose relevance over time.”

The average bill for such a “wedding” purchase today is 120,000 rubles.

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