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Sales tents in front of Biedronka stores

Namioty wyprzedażowe przed Biedronkami

Biedronka has prepared a number of amenities for customers in popular tourist destinations – from a running bus, an extended product offer, to outdoor sales tents.

Biedronka for holidays. By bus, tents and 24-hour shops

Some stores in holiday locations will operate with extended opening hours, and some of them even 24 hours a day.
Biedronka started preparations for the holiday season already in spring, inviting willing candidates to work in tourist towns located by the sea, in the mountains and in Masuria.

The largest retail chain in the country introduces additional solutions during the holidays, i.e. extended opening hours, stores open 24 hours a day, and sales of industrial products. It also adapts the offer in stores to meet the holiday needs of its customers.

Last year, the largest increases were recorded by stores in Darłowo, Łeba and Mielno. Which establishments in tourist destinations will be the most popular among customers this year? The answer will appear soon.

– Biedronka has been accompanying customers during holidays for many years. Year by year, we observe that customers are even more willing to visit our stores while relaxing at the seaside or in the mountains. During the holidays, we see up to 80% more traffic in our stores in tourist destinations. We are happy that we can be close to our customers and offer them their favorite products at consistently low prices – says Paweł Włodarczyk, operational director of the macroregion in the Biedronka chain.

A dedicated bus to the Biedronka store

Tourists relaxing in Łeba can use a special bus line, thanks to which they can easily reach Biedronka, located outside the city center. The bus runs every day in the afternoon, except on non-trading Sundays. The line operates until August 18, and the ticket costs PLN 1.

Bus to the Biedronka store, photo: press materials. Bus to the Biedronka store, photo: press materials. Biedronka sale tents

Biedronka also started selling textile and decorative products. Sales tents filled with all kinds of industrial products were erected in front of the stores. In the additional space next to the stores, products from previous collections are offered, including typical holiday gadgets. Customers can take advantage of special offers, and the assortment may vary depending on location. In the summer, the offer of ready-made meals, grills and drinks was expanded in seaside and mountain stores. Customers shopping in Zakopane can use a fresh juice squeezer.

List of Biedronka stores with sale tents

Miastko, ul. Fabryczna 10
Lębork, ul. Wojska Polskiego 12
Łeba, al. Saint Jakuba 39
Nowogard, ul. Boh. Warszawy 103A
Piła, ul. Poznańska 26
Kołobrzeg, ul. Tarnowskiego 3
Dziwnów ul. Słowackiego 8A.

During the holiday season, Biedronka stores in tourist towns will operate with extended hours until at least 11:30 p.m., and seven of them will serve customers 24 hours a day, except on non-trading Sundays.

Biedronka 24-hour stores (list)

Darłowo, ul. Wojska Polskiego 47
Darłowo, ul. Beach 1
Ustka, pl. Dąbrowskiego 1
Ustka, ul. Kwiatowa 1
Łeba, al. Saint Jakuba 3
Dziwnów, ul. J. Słowackiego 8A
Lesko, ul. Stawowa 16.

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