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Reshuffles on the gas station market. This player is climbing and wants to reach for more

Przetasowania na rynku stacji paliw. Ten gracz pnie się i chce sięgnąć po więcej

MOYA stations with cashback service

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MOYA stations with cashback service

MOYA is a Polish network of gas stations that is developing at a fast pace – approximately 50 new points in blue and red are created every year. The brand is already the third largest gas station network in Poland – according to the ranking published by the ISBnews agency at the end of the first half of 2024. Since the beginning of 2024, MOYA has expanded by 26 stations, reaching the number of 476 points.

The owner of MOYA, Anwim, has been building its position on the market since 2009 by investing in the development of the network. By entering the top three largest gas station chains in the country, MOYA proves that a Polish independent brand can effectively compete with global giants – emphasized in the release.

– This is an extremely important moment in the history of our company. Promotion to the top three largest gas station chains in Poland is proof of the effectiveness of our strategy and the commitment of the entire team. MOYA will continue to dynamically develop and improve its offer and set new standards in the fuel industry – emphasizes Rafał Pietrasina, president of Anwim.

MOYA gas stations offer a range of services and products in Caffe MOYA general stores and cafes. MOYA is the provider of the popular service for MOYA fleets, which is the only company on the market that enables both refueling and charging of electric vehicles. This option is also available to users of the Super MOYA application for individual customers, which is already used by over 626,000 people. people.

Anwi is implementing a strategy based on two pillars – further growth of the MOYA gas station network and a green strategy including the development of the MOYA Energia charging point network. MOYA points are present in all voivodeships on main transit routes, local roads and cities.

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