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Research has revealed: Lidl's basket of goods remains the cheapest – for the eighth month in a row

Tyrimas atskleidė: „Lidl“ prekių krepšelis ir toliau pigiausias – taip jau aštuntą mėnesį iš eilės

The basket of consumer goods of the low-price supermarket chain Lidl is the cheapest among the country's five largest supermarket chains, according to the latest mystery shopper study by the market research company SeeNext. The price analysis carried out on June 4 showed that a basket of frequently used goods in the Lidl store cost 34.45 euros – almost 4 euros less than in the shopping chain offering the most expensive basket of goods. According to research conducted by SeeNext, Lidl offers the cheapest grocery basket for the eighth month in a row.

On June 4, "SeeNext" secret shoppers who visited the stores of the country's five largest retail chains in Vilnius and Kaunas purchased a basket of consumer goods. It consisted of 24 products from different food categories – milk, meat, cereals, grocery products, fruits and vegetables and beverages.

Similar baskets of goods in different stores were chosen for the study – the price of Lidl's basket of frequently used goods was almost 4 euros lower than that of the shopping chain offering the most expensive basket of goods.

During the survey conducted in June, it became clear that the cheapest milk products can be purchased in Lidl stores – they were paid 6.34 euros. This is even 1.75 euros cheaper than in the store of the most expensive chain of dairy products.

Mystery shoppers spent 2.50 euros on fruits and vegetables in the Lidl store – the least compared to the other four retail chains.

The lowest price of cereal products was also recorded in the Lidl store – here it was 2.82 euros and was 0.32 euros lower than in the retail chain selling the most expensive cereal products.

Items in the grocery category, which included dark chocolate, white sugar, eggs, sunflower oil and ground coffee, were also the cheapest in the Lidl store at the time of the study, at €5.72, the lowest of all the retail chains included in the study.

According to SeeNext 2023 November – 2024 according to research conducted in June, for the eighth month in a row, Lidl stores offer the lowest-priced basket of frequently used goods. According to SeeNext research, the Lidl consumer goods basket was the cheapest in November, December, January, February, March, April, May and June 2023.

Private brands help ensure a low price

The low price of the consumer goods basket is determined by Lidl's private brands, which account for as much as 90 percent. Lidl assortment in Lithuania.

The price of private label products is relatively low, because the international Lidl group orders some of its private brands in large quantities to thousands of stores in various countries. Such a large volume of orders reduces the cost of one product and, as a result, Lidl can offer these products to customers at a very attractive price.

In addition, the retail chain buys product recipes from suppliers and manufacturers, orders packages according to a special order. For this reason, the consumer does not have to pay for the marketing costs of a well-known brand or cover other costs not related to production.

Lidl guarantees the quality of its private brands by applying extremely strict requirements to manufacturers and suppliers – both in Lithuania and in other foreign countries. Often the requirements are stricter than the legal acts. Also, Lidl's private label products are often produced in the same factories as the products of popular international brands. Therefore, the products have an identical or even better composition.

There are currently 73 Lidl stores in Lithuania in 28 cities: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Alytus, Marijampole, Kėdainai, Telšiai, Kretinga, Mažeikiai, Taurage, Jonava, Panevėžys, Ukmerge, Utena, Plunge, Palanga, Elektrėnai, Visaginas. , in Šilute, Radviliški, Vilkaviški, Druskininkai, Rokiški, Kaišiadori, Nemenčinė, Gargždai and Molėtai.

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