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"Snaige" withdraws from the Nasdaq stock exchange

„Snaigė“ traukiasi iš „Nasdaq“ biržos

Snaigė, the only refrigerator manufacturing company in the Baltic States, is withdrawing from the stock market – its shares will be delisted from Nasdaq on the Vilnius Stock Exchange from November 1.

The stock exchange made the decision to delist Snaigė shares on Thursday, after the company's shareholders decided on April 15 to delist them from trading on the regulated market and no longer offer them publicly.

In April, the board of "Snaigės" indicated that the company was offered to withdraw from the stock exchange due to the passive trading of shares and the insufficient number of circulating shares.

At the end of last September, the company "EDS Invest 3" controlled by the Lithuanian debt management company "Easy Debt Service" for 500 thousand. purchased a controlling stake in "Snaigė" from the Cypriot company "Sekenora Holdings" for EUR.

Currently, EDS Invest 3 owns 92.11 percent. "Snaigė" share package.

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