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Prices of vegetables and fruit – it is cheaper than in the previous season

Ceny warzyw i owoców - jest taniej niż w poprzednim sezonie

The debts of the fruit and vegetable processing industry amount to over PLN 256 million

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The debts of the fruit and vegetable processing industry amount to over PLN 256 million

– PanParagon is a popular application for finding promotions and storing receipts. On average, over 1 million proofs of purchase are added to our system each month. Such numerous, anonymous data from receipts provide us with objective information about real product prices and purchasing trends. In the latest study, we checked what has changed in the fruit and vegetable price list over the last two years, comments Antonina Grzelak from the PanParagon application. – There are many surprises, both positive and negative – he adds.

The study included 10 seasonal vegetables and fruits, i.e. green beans (1 kg), broad beans (500 g), strawberries (1 kg), cherries (1 kg), raspberries (125 g), cauliflower (pcs.), blueberries. (300 g), butter lettuce (pcs.), kohlrabi (pcs.) and field cucumber (1 kg). The results obtained represent the median prices for June 2022, 2023 and 2024. What does the receipt data say about this?

Cheaper than last year

As the results of this study showed, the entire basket of vegetables and fruit analyzed by experts in June this year was approximately 7 percent lower. cheaper than last season. The largest drop in price compared to 2023 was recorded in the case of cherries. The median for 1 kg of these fruits in June last year was PLN 24.99, while in the same month of 2024 we paid approximately PLN 18.90/kg. That's over 24 percent. cheaper! Compared to last year's prices, this season by approx. 13%. the following cost less: broad beans (500 g), field cucumbers (1 kg) and raspberries (125 g). In June 2024, we also bought kohlrabi cheaper (approx. -9%/1 pc.) and blueberries (approx. -6%/300 g package).

– Although these declines are surprising, the products we analyzed also included vegetables and fruits that saw an increase in price compared to the previous season, such as strawberries, a kilogram of which was about 24% more expensive in June 2024. than in June last year. We also paid about 3 percent more than last summer for 1 piece of iceberg lettuce, and 0.5 percent more. The price of a kilogram of green beans has gone up. However, the price of cauliflower sold per piece has not changed year-on-year, comments Antonina Grzelak from the PanParagon application.

The situation changes dramatically when we compare this year's prices of individual vegetables and fruits with 2022.

Up to 40 percent more expensive than 2 years ago

Comparing prices from June 2024 and 2022, there is much less positive information. As many as 7 out of 10 analyzed products increased in price, two did not change their price, and only one item became cheaper.

– Unlike the comparison with the previous year, the price of cauliflower has increased the most in the last two years! The median for 1 piece of this vegetable in June 2022 was PLN 4.99, while in the same month this year the same product had to be paid for PLN 6.99. This is an increase of approximately 40 percent. – comments Antonina Grzelak from the PanParagon application.

The second largest increase in price increases over the last two years was taken by cherries. During this time, the price of 1 kg of these fruits increased by approximately 35%. (from PLN 13.99 in 2022 to PLN 18.90 in 2024). Compared to 2022, almost 17% more. we paid for 125 g of raspberries. We spent more money on butter lettuce (approx. +8%/piece), strawberries (approx. +8%/1 kg), broad beans (approx. +4%/500g) and kohlrabi than in the summer season of 2022 (approx. +2.4%/piece). Interestingly, by approx. 7%. field cucumbers have become cheaper. This season, we paid the same as in 2022 for 1 kg of green beans and 300 g of blueberries.

In total, the basket selected this way has increased in price by approximately 9% compared to June 2022 this season.

To sum up, seasonal vegetables and fruits included in the study are cheaper than a year ago and at the same time more expensive than two years ago. It is worth noting that the final price list of this type of products is influenced not only by the inflation rate or rising costs of living, but also by the abundance of crops and weather conditions. This last factor strongly determines the final prices in stores and grocery stores.

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