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Pork consumption in Russia has reached a new record

Konsumpcja wieprzowiny w Rosji osiągnęła nowy rekord

Consumption continues to increase

Russia's per capita pork consumption is expected to increase by another 2 kilograms in 2024, reaching a historic high of almost 32 kilograms. If the upward trend continues, pork may become the most popular meat in the country.

Pork consumption in Russia has increased steadily over the past decade, said an analyst at state agricultural bank Rosselhozbank. Since 2014, when the average Russian citizen ate 23.4 kilograms of pork a year, this number has increased by almost a third. The expert estimated that the swine industry has also shown remarkable growth over the past decade, increasing production by 56 percent.
As estimated by Rosselhozbank, in 2022 pork consumption increased moderately by 0.8 kg to 29.6 kg, and in 2023 by another 0.7 kg to 30.3 kg.

Better health of the population

The analyst is convinced that an increase in pork consumption will contribute to an overall improvement in the health of Russian society. Pork has the optimal content of amino acids and fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements per calorie. Countries in the top 10 in the world for life expectancy have relatively high levels of pork consumption.

Increase in population income

The analyst said that pork consumption in Russia is on an upward trend due to rising population incomes and an increase in supply.
Total per capita meat consumption in Russia reached 83 kilograms in 2023, also the highest level on record.
In 2024, pork production in Russia is expected to increase by another 350,000 tons, reaching almost 5 million tons of live weight,

Pork replaces poultry on tables

Rising pork consumption threatens broiler meat's position as the leading source of protein in Russia. In 2023, per capita consumption of broiler meat in Russia was estimated at 35 kg. This number has remained stable over the past few years and has even fallen slightly at times under pressure from pork becoming more price competitive.

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