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Poles drive increasingly older cars

Polacy jeżdżą coraz starszymi autami

Maintained cars sell better. Price Growth Ranking 2024

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Maintained cars sell better. Price Growth Ranking 2024

"Dead souls", i.e. cars that have not had valid technical inspections and third party liability insurance for 10 years, are being removed from the database of the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers. After the great purge, there may be up to 7 million fewer vehicles in the database, which distort the statistical picture of cars driving on Polish roads. On the occasion of these changes, experts checked the average age of the most popular car models submitted for insurance in Poland.

The big cleanup is underway

According to the SAMAR Institute, after the changes in CEPiK, the number of cars per 1,000 inhabitants of Poland will drop from 703 to 517. Thus, we will move from the EU podium in this respect to the middle of the pack. However, the average age of the car will decrease from 21.54 years to 16.12 years. experts checked the average age of passenger cars submitted for insurance using their comparator. The analysis shows that it has been growing regularly since 2015 and is currently 40 months higher.

A car, not the same as a car

The average age of cars varies depending on the brand. This was checked on the example of the 10 most popular brands and models. Toyotas and Skodas are the youngest on Polish roads and statistically they are not older than 13 years. However, the average age of Volkswagens is already over 17 years.

Analyzing the 10 most popular models, it turns out that these are even older. The average Skoda Octavia is 13.4 years old and is the youngest among the TOP 10 cars on Polish roads. The Audi A4, Volkswagen Golf and BMW 3 Series are statistically approaching 18 years of age.

What do insurers say?

The price of third party liability insurance depends on many factors, the age of the car is one of them. Theoretically, the older the car, the greater the risk that it will be unreliable and, consequently, that its driver may cause an accident.

– Even a 20-year-old car can be insured cheaper than a car twice as old. It all depends on our age, damage history, accident statistics from the region where we live and the technical data of our vehicle. Nevertheless, the aging fleet on Polish roads poses a risk to the safety of road users. It will certainly be a challenge for drivers in the context of maintaining the efficiency of older cars and, in the future, entering SCT – comments Natalia Tokarczyk-Jarocka, motor insurance expert at

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