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Poles are willing to spend more on emotions and experiences

Na emocje i przeżycia Polacy skłonni są wydawać więcej
  • 59% of Poles admit that watching their favorite sports team or athlete win a trophy live would be a significant or very important event in their lives.
  • 45% of respondents would like to see a match between leading teams at a large national stadium.
  • For 51% of Polish respondents, meeting their football hero would be the most important moment in their lives.

Multisport and private insurance are no longer enough. Poles want to be paid in food

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Multisport and private insurance are no longer enough. Poles want to be paid in food

Poles are united by football and sports emotions

It is no surprise that football evokes many positive emotions, and Poles are great fans of football games. As a Mastercard study shows, 61% of Poles surveyed admitted that they are happiest when they watch their football team live[1]. For comparison, this answer was given by slightly fewer Europeans, i.e. 56% of respondents. 6 out of 10 Poles also said that they like watching their team score a goal more than anything else in the world. Even among Spaniards and Italians, there are not so many enthusiasts of football successes, as this opinion is shared by 52% and 48% of them respectively. 60% of Poles also admitted that watching football together improves their relationships with family and friends.

– Poles are fans not only of football, but also of other sports, and over half of respondents (53%) dream of watching their favorite teams or athletes compete live. For 30% of respondents, participating in a match of a national sports team would be an attraction. Poles watch and support their favorite players and teams with great passion, deriving a lot of joy and positive emotions from it – comments Jerzy Hołub, marketing director for Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia at Mastercard.

The economics of sports experiences

Despite great passion for football, only 29% of Poles watched a live football match over the last 3 years. For comparison, the most frequent stadium-goers in Europe are the Irish (45%), the Portuguese (44%) and the Romanians (44%). Between 2021 and 2023, every third Pole and 29% of Europeans declared that they had participated in another live sporting event – show the results of the Mastercard study.

In 2023, only 23% of Poles surveyed spent money on sports competitions, e.g. matches or championships. Every fifth person (20%) declared that this year they would be more involved in participating in sports events. Prioritizing experiences over material things is already a strong trend among Poles – every fourth respondent admitted that they increasingly like to spend money on experiences and trying "something new", and every fifth places unforgettable experiences above accumulating material goods. 8 out of 10 respondents also confirmed that it is worth spending money on building experiences. According to 43%, this is what gives them the best memories in their lives, and in the case of 36%, it helps them look at the world from a different perspective.

[1] The study included a diverse group of respondents from 18 years and older and not only people who define themselves as football fans

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