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Pilsweizer is expanding on the non-alcoholic beer market

Pilsweizer rozpycha się na rynku piw bezalkoholowych

The beer is based on Pilsner and Vienna barley malt and Saaz hops. The composition also includes: apple juice from concentrated apple juice, lemon juice from concentrated lemon juice, lime juice from concentrated lime juice, natural flavor, sugar and naturally obtained carbon dioxide.

– The demand for non-alcoholic beers as well as flavored beers has been growing for several years, so we do everything to ensure that our portfolio follows market trends and consumer expectations and we regularly introduce new products, says Andrej Chovanec, president of the Pilsweizer Brewery.

The brewery's non-alcoholic beers portfolio includes 3 beers, while the portfolio of flavored beers, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, includes 6 beers. The entire product range of the brewery currently includes as many as 30 beers.

In 2005, Browar Grybów in Siołkowa was bought by Ivan and Andrej Chovanc.

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