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Passing the Regitra driving test is becoming more and more difficult

Išlaikyti Regitros vairavimo egzaminą tampa vis sunkiau

Passing the Regitra exam – both theory and practice – is becoming more and more difficult. According to the Regitra portal, in 2015, 55% of the population passed the driving theory category B exam for the first time. In 2023, this percentage decreased to 42%. The situation is even worse with the practice exam of the Registry, where the passing rate has almost doubled in 8 years. In 2015, 39% of all test takers passed the practical driving test with automatic transmission the first time, while in 2023 this percentage dropped to 22%. The results with the manual gearbox are very similar – in 2015, 40% of all those who took the exam passed it on the first try and this percentage dropped to 21% in 2023.

How does a person absorb information?

The efficiency of knowledge absorption is often represented by the so-called "Learning Pyramid", created by the American educator Edgar Dale. According to this model, people usually remember about 10% of what they read (text) and about 20% of what they hear. When information is visible (images), it is remembered about 30%, and when it is both seen and heard – about 50%. Discussions with others increase the memorization of information up to 70%, and through personal experience and actions, even 80-90% of information can be memorized.

How to effectively prepare for the driving theory exam?

So, applying the above principles, it is recommended to start with the theoretical material – reading the traffic rules. In this way, you will learn the basic rules, principles, and learn the basics. Since you are likely to remember only about 10% of what you read, reading alone will not be enough. It is important to supplement this activity with observation and listening methods. View educational visual materials and attend lectures or seminars where theoretical information is presented verbally and visually. This will increase the efficiency of memorizing information by 30-50%.

Discussions with others and practical sessions are very helpful. Participate in group discussions where you can discuss various road situations and traffic rules. This method increases the memorization of information up to 70%. By discussing various situations with friends who are also studying for the driving test and solving driving theory tests, you will increase the efficiency of memorizing information up to 80-90%.

Finally, it is important to repeat what you have learned. Create a study plan that includes theory reading, viewing video materials, discussions with friends, and practice tests. A multi-faceted approach to learning will ensure you are well prepared for your driving theory test and have a solid foundation for safe driving.

What are the best tools for learning driving theory?

One of the best tools to prepare for the driving theory exam in Lithuania is the Robo KET platform available at . This platform provides a comprehensive learning experience that covers the entire theory of traffic rules presented in a memorable flashcard format with illustrations and explanations. The Robo KET platform contains all KET theory in the form of more than 800 flashcards and more than 1600 driving theory test questions. The platform allows you to save hard-to-remember rules and the test questions themselves, monitor learning progress with interactive charts. Adapted to all categories of driving. With the help of the Robo KET platform, you will increase the efficiency of memorizing information to 80-90%, which will allow you to pass the driving theory exam the first time.

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