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Now the Italians will produce Oil of Greater Poland

Teraz Włosi będą produkować Olej Wielkopolski

The combination of these two large, complementary businesses will create a leading player in the European food market with revenues of approximately EUR 2.8 billion and adjusted EBITDA of approximately EUR 190 million.

Carrefour calculated. We know how much business in Poland is worth

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Carrefour calculated. We know how much business in Poland is worth

Once the agreement enters into force, the company will be called "New Princes Group". The company will then have 31 plants around the world.

Princes CEO Simon Harrison commented: "This is an exciting prospect for Princes and we are delighted that Newlat shares our confidence in the Group's strategic growth plans and brand strategy."

Princes is one of the UK's largest food and drink groups. Every day, millions of consumers in the UK and Europe buy its branded products or private label products manufactured by the group.

Princes runs a food plant in Poland in Szamotuły. Now it will be taken over

The British company Princes is present, among others, in Poland. It has a factory in Szamotuły, which produces, among others: plant oil. Sales, marketing and supply of products manufactured in Szamotuły are managed by the Princes Polska office, which is located in Warsaw and serves clients from Eastern Europe. Brands produced by Princes include: Olivo, Mazola, Olej Wielkopolski, Flora or Trex.

Newlat Food takes over Princes

May 29 this year The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) received an application regarding Newlat Food SpA based in Reggio Emilia taking over control of Princes Limited based in Liverpool.

Newlat specializes in the production and sale of fresh and UHT milk and cream, yogurts, various types of butter and cheese, mascarpone cheese and dairy products. The company also produces and sells pasta, including organic, whole grain, short and long pasta, premium lasagne, production of bread such as crispbread and rusks, as well as production of specialized and children's food.

Newlat operates in 4 countries: Italy, Great Britain, Germany and France.

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