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Not only the USA and the EU. They also declare war on China.

Nie tylko USA i EU. Oni też wypowiadają wojnę "chińszczyźnie"

The reasons for such radical steps are clear. "If we are flooded (with imported goods – editor's note), our micro, small and medium-sized enterprises may collapse," explained Indonesian Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan.

For years, Jakarta has been looking for ways to boost its economy and avoid the middle-income trap. The first step in this field was the introduction of a ban on the export of unprocessed raw materials, which led to a dispute with the EU. Last year, the authorities began to more strictly control the import of various types of semi-finished products used by industries, from the food to chemical industries. The idea was to support domestic production of components. However, the effect was the opposite of what was intended and Jakarta, under pressure from entrepreneurs, withdrew the idea.

Details of the new trading rules are not yet clear. Having learned from the experience of previous years, the authorities are now planning to use customs instruments more subtly. A special government institution, the Committee on Trade Safeguards, is to carefully examine which goods and at what levels new tariffs are to be imposed.

China wants to sell, not buy. Imports are decreasing

Jakarta's plans are even more important because Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, and its trade structure with China has recently begun to change unfavorably. According to data from Chinese customs authorities, in the first five months of this year. the value of bilateral trade amounted to USD 56.6 billion, with Chinese exports increasing by 8% and imports decreasing by 11%. compared to the previous year.

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