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Morele expands its own brand offer – MOLIV joins the portfolio

Morele poszerza ofertę marek własnych - do portfolio dołącza MOLIV

Marketplace Morele increased the number of sellers by 23%.

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Marketplace Morele increased the number of sellers by 23%.

Morele has been expanding its own brand offer for several years. Currently, it includes: Zipro (sports equipment), Peme (camping equipment), BlackWheels (sports – roller skates), Sense7 (gaming chairs and desks), PREYON (gaming peripherals) and 4swiss (lifestyle, electro). A few months ago, a brand from the beauty sector – MOLIV – joined.

MOLIV are cosmetics with live probiotic bacteria, the formula of which is based on research, tests and the knowledge of the founders, which help keep the skin's microbiome* in balance. The brand's offer includes 4 types of creams: anti-aging, moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating. The entire care is supplemented with oleogel, i.e. an oily facial cleansing gel with live Lactobacillus plantarum bacteria.

– Cosmetics provide the skin with not only pro-, but also pre- and post-biotics. Thanks to their company, probiotic bacteria can effectively develop on it. Additionally, the creams have unique airless packaging, the main goal of which is to preserve the shelf life of the product as long as possible – explains Paulina Oczkoś, co-founder of MOLIV.

The brand's offer is dedicated to both women and men who want to take care of their skin on a daily basis, and is constantly being developed.

– Expanding the portfolio of own brands is one of the main assumptions regarding the development of Morele. We focus on continuous development of our private label portfolio. Listening to the needs of our customers, we decided to expand the Morele offer with innovative cosmetics. We want our customers to benefit from a wide range of products, not only from the electronics sector. Interest in health, fitness and wellbeing is growing – comments Mateusz Gzyl, CFO / member of the management board of Morele.

Morele operates on the Polish e-commerce market in the consumer electronics distribution segment (computers, laptops, computer components, electronics, household appliances, sports). It has nearly 20 years of history in the industry.

*Hundreds of species of bacteria live on the surface of the skin – this is its microbiome. Regularly supplying the microbiome with an active probiotic helps keep it in balance.

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