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Marie Zélie believes in dresses. They fell, but they want to come back with support from the USA

Marie Zélie wierzy w sukienki. Upadli, ale chcą wrócić ze wsparciem z USA

Over the years of its operation, the company has used the crowdfunding formula and approximately 700 investors paid a total of almost PLN 5 million. However, at the end of its activity, as reported by, Marie Zelie's debt amounted to approximately PLN 12 million and investors could not count on a return on their investment. Customers were also harmed because they did not receive the ordered goods or money when, in accordance with the law, they decided to return the dress ordered online. In 2022, to save the business, the company announced a public issue of shares, from which it expected to raise PLN 6 million. With no effect. In the period from January to May 2022, the company had a revenue of PLN 1.3 million and a loss of PLN 618.3 thousand. PLN (unaudited data).

As founder Krzysztof Ziętarski declares, in 2024 the Rosa Fortis company registered in the USA managed to convince, among others, American investors to pay PLN 100,000. dollars to resume the brand's operations. The company encourages more people to donate at least PLN 1,000. dollars for the company's operations.

The plan is to obtain PLN 500,000. dollars for resuming full-scale operations, hiring an operations manager, resuming production in Poland and Asia, resuming sales in Poland and Europe as part of cooperation with Rosa Fortis, Inc. and preparation for the purchase of the brand to a new company.

The company intends to resume cooperation with influencers and build global brand recognition, and even offer compensation to customers harmed by the lack of returns from Marie Zélie SA during the period when the company went bankrupt and failed to settle its obligations.
Ultimately, the owner wants to finalize the purchase of the Marie Zélie brand to Rosa Fortis. – Thanks to the transaction, the trustee Marie Zélie SA will obtain an amount that will settle the company's liabilities. Rosa Fortis, Inc. will continue the operation of the brand without any obligations Marie Zélie SA – assures founder Krzysztof Ziętarski.

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