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Loko delivery service from Silpo continues to expand its geography of work

Сервис доставки Loko от Сільпо продолжает расширять географию работы

Loko, a fast delivery service for groceries and ready-made food, has appeared in Odessa and Chernomorsk. These cities are the eighth and ninth where Loko delivers all the essentials to customers – food, drinks and household goods, ready-made meals from restaurants, flowers and hygiene products.

As RAU was informed by the company's press service, over the two years of Loko's operation, its coverage area included Kiev, Chernigov, Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Brovary and Sofievskaya Borshchagovka. Loko is one of the fastest delivery services in Ukraine, delivering groceries directly to your door in an average of 25 minutes. Delivery of ready meals from restaurants lasts on average 45 minutes (including cooking time). The speed record for completing one order is 4 minutes 32 seconds.

Loko's assortment includes about 3,000 items from Silpo. The number of Loko partner restaurants is constantly growing. 1,350 establishments across the country are already connected to the service. In March, Loko began delivering bioactive supplements and medicinal cosmetics from Bila Romashka pharmacies. Residents of Kyiv can use Loko to order dry cleaning of items from the Mink service.

You can place an order from 8 am to 10 pm in the Silpo mobile application or the separate Loko application. Clients receive points in the Vlasny Rakhunok loyalty program, which can then be used to pay in Silpo, Le Silpo, and the MauDau marketplace.

Loko is constantly working to offer great deals and promotions on your favorite products and restaurant delivery. Every Monday the app updates the list of products with discounts of up to 50%. Seasonal offers are also constantly launched: in the summer – ice cream delivery at a discount, in the fall Loko delivers cheese and wine at promotional prices, and in the winter – hot drinks and baked goods. For those looking for food delivery from restaurants, there are also discounts on the entire menu or set meals at reasonable prices.

Reference. Loko is a fast delivery of goods, groceries and ready meals. Delivery speed is ensured by a small coverage area – each zone includes one dark store and restaurants located nearby. Delivery couriers are assigned to a specific area, so they don’t waste extra time wandering around the city.

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