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Lithuanian startup's offer – up to 20 ct/l cheaper fuel and a unique car sharing platform

Lietuvių startuolio pasiūlymas – iki 20 ct/l pigesni degalai ir unikali automobilių dalijimosi platforma

in 2023 At the end of 2016, there were almost as many cars registered in Lithuania as there are people in the country – more than 2.2 million. According to "Regitras", the number of M1 class used passenger cars registered in Lithuania for the first time alone exceeded 15 thousand in May. There are often cases when the vehicle sits idle for most of the time, as its owners go out on the street once a week or less. Lithuanian-founded startup "Woop Drive" presents innovations – already in August. in the middle of the year, the car owner will be able to comfortably and simply hire his unused vehicle on the sharing platform, and starting today, those who want to save will have the opportunity to refuel up to 20 ct/l cheaper.

The team of the startup calculates that from one vehicle on the sharing platform, its owner will be able to earn approximately 400 to 3,500 euros and more per month. And those who drive 1,000 km every month will save 216 euros and more per year.

It is expected that the geography of activity of the start-up will be much wider than Lithuania. In the fall of this year, the team plans to expand to neighboring countries.

Woop Drive will aim to bring together drivers who want to not only save money, earn money, but also popularize the idea of car sharing. As a result, customers already in August. in the middle we will offer to recruit your unused vehicle on the platform. Well, starting today, drivers with our card can get big discounts on fuel and enjoy special offers from partners," says entrepreneur Ričardas Šukys, founder of the startup.

Exclusive discount card

According to R. Šukis, drivers with a "Woop Drive" card can already fill up with fuel up to 20 ct/l cheaper in more than 250 gas stations in Lithuania, and in more than 30,000 gas stations in Europe. Cardholders can also use partners' offers. For example, 30 percent discount for car chassis operating parts, oil, filters.

New customers of the startup have the opportunity to try the Woop Drive card for free for 14 days, and then choose a plan that suits them – monthly, annual or one-time.

According to the company's internal data, drivers who used the "Woop Drive" card, saving between 30 and 150 euros when filling up with fuel, compared to if they had bought fuel without a discount.

It will ensure security and allow you to see all the information

"For customers who want to recruit their unused cars on our platform from August. of the middle, it will be possible to remotely control the unlocking and/or locking of the doors, if necessary, to block the car engine. It will be possible to see all information about the use of the car during the rental period. For example, to monitor the distance traveled, the driver's driving style or the location of the car at a certain time. We will ensure that the renters use the car properly and safely", says R. Šukys.

He adds that it is important for the start-up that the person renting the car is reliable – not only has a valid driver's license or sufficient driving experience, but also has not had serious traffic accidents before. As a result, Woop Drive will thoroughly verify the information submitted by customers with its partners. By choosing to share your vehicle, you can be sure that untrustworthy drivers will not get behind the wheel of your car.

The startup team consists of professionals in their field

The founder of the startup, Ričardas Šukis, is no stranger to the sharing business, as the scooter sharing platform "Scoot911" he founded started operating in the 2020s. Through the app, users of this mobility platform could rent and travel with scooters for a set fee in Vilnius, Šiauliai, Nida, Marijampole. The company also operated in Latvia and Poland. R. Šukys was the first in the region to offer Ninebot Max two-wheeled vehicles designed specifically for rent.

Entrepreneur Erikas Viršilas, the founder of Proto Industrija, the most watched business show on the YouTube platform in Lithuania, joined the Woop Drive team.

"Lithuanians often jokingly like to call themselves the "nation of motorists" and for good reason. More than one study has been conducted, revealing that, compared to the residents of other Baltic countries, Lithuanians take care of their cars the most, and according to the statistics published on the "Eurostat" website until 2021, there were almost twice as many registered vehicles in Lithuania than in Latvia or Estonia. Therefore, we hope that the love of Lithuanians for cars and the desire to earn extra money, save and contribute to sustainability will very clearly show the need for such a new product in the market", E. Viršilas shares his thoughts.

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