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Lenta installed the first eco-box made from recycled pet food packaging

«Лента» установила первый экобокс из переработанной упаковки от корма для животных

Lenta summed up the results of the campaign to collect animal feed packaging. More than 400 kilograms of recyclable materials were sent for processing.

источник: «Лента»

Source: Lenta

The promotion ran from November 15, 2023 to June 15, 2024. In 15 stores of the retail chain in St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Moscow region, special boxes were installed to collect used feed packaging.

Buyers handed over packaging for wet and dry food, which was sent to a processing plant at EcoTechnology LLC, which is a partner of the action. The raw materials were used to make granules that are used to produce ecobox structural elements. It was installed in a hypermarket in St. Petersburg at Rustaveli, 61a. It was here that the most raw materials were collected – 64 kilograms 700 grams. A total of 406.2 kilograms of feed packaging were sent for processing.

You can bring food, as well as clothes and toys for animals from shelters into the ecobox. Volunteers from the Rus Food Bank charity foundation will deliver goods to institutions for four-legged animals.

The promotion will run until September 15, 2024.

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