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Kristina, who quickly became famous as a "blonde with gel", is selling the padel club she founded with her husband

Žaibiškai kaip „blondė su geliku“ išgarsėjusi Kristina parduoda su vyru įkurtą padelio klubą

Kristina Meseguer from Alytus, better known as "blonde with gelik", is selling the business she founded with her Spanish husband Enrique – a padel club in her native Alytus. They expect to receive 250 thousand for it. euros.

At the end of February, Kristina Meseguer (41), who exchanged wedding rings with rich Spaniard Enrique Meseguer (60), has been living in Lithuania for more than a year. The number of her followers on Instagram reached 120 thousand. Kristina, who describes herself as a sarcastic "blonde with gel" on social networks, is annoyed by the displayed luxury. A woman encouraged by her husband to return to her native Alytus from abroad has claimed that life in Lithuania is most likely a temporary stop in her life.

On Monday, she announced on Instagram that the business she nurtured in her hometown with her husband – the padel club – is for sale. "No, we are not leaving Lithuania yet, because I am studying at two universities. It is possible that we will want to move to Vilnius – this is one of the reasons why we made such a decision – after all, the business needs to be taken care of.

Another reason is that it is difficult for two domineering spouses to work together – there was a lot of disagreement, so I stay with my activities – social networks and studies. But since he doesn't speak Lithuanian, he would have to hire people from abroad, and they won't do it like their own. So, it turns out that without me it's like having no hands," K. Meseguer said. The spouses sell the business for 250 thousand. euros.

What would the new owners get for it? “It includes everything done: there are four cards inside, permission to build a card outside. Equipped toilets, showers, changing room. There is a nine-year contract for renting the premises. We rent a building, it is not our building, but there is an opportunity to buy it. A heating and electrical system is installed, everything works automatically.

There is an application for registration – after registering through it and coming to the club, electricity, light, heating are automatically turned on, and you can play. The game is also paid for through the app, there is no cash," said the interviewer. "There is a garage, music equipment, new rackets and balls remain, the bar is finished, we have an alcohol license, permits from the Food and Veterinary Service. There are also a thousand people who have signed up for the club's app," K. Meseguer described what he sells. According to her, padel is a fast-growing sport, and in Alytus, she and her husband were the first to take up this activity and popularized this game.

"The price of the card per hour is 20-36 euros, depending on the time of year and whether heating is required. People can calculate how much can be earned. The children go in groups, both women and men play, I also organized all kinds of tournaments," she said.

The club opened its doors a year and a half ago. Until now, K. Meseguer took care of the club's administrative affairs, while her husband Enrique led the training sessions, as he does not speak Lithuanian. "Others laugh that a millionaire leads training, but it's a hobby, not a job. Such is the mentality of people", concluded Kristina.

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