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Iris biometric payments are now available in Empik stores

Płatności biometryczne tęczówką oka wchodzą do salonów Empik

This is the first pilot of biometric payments in Europe under the Mastercard Biometric Checkout program.

– We describe Empik as a 75-year-old start-up in Poland, so the innovative solution is absolutely appropriate for us. At the same time, our long journey with customers has convinced them that we are a trustworthy brand. This element is extremely important when it comes to payments. Customers require us to provide them with a sense of security, especially in this part of shopping. Therefore, our introduction of a new and convenient form of iris payment is a message to customers that we guarantee payment security and add a new dimension of convenience to shopping – says Ewa Szmidt-Belcarz, president of the Empik chain.

The new payment will be tested from June 12 for 3 months in 5 large Empik chain stores: Galeria Mokotów in Warsaw, CH Bielany in Wrocław, CH Posnania in Poznań, CH Kazimierz in Kraków, M1 in Czeladź. These branches were selected for testing because they have a lot of traffic and customers often use modern payments, e.g. self-checkout.

– We see that our customers are open to innovation and willing to use new technologies and conveniences because they see that they translate into even faster, more convenient and, which is equally important in today's world, safe shopping. I am proud that Empik's customers will be the first to use this innovative solution. I believe that the security and convenience of shopping provided by biometrics are no longer the future, but the present of trade payments," says Ewa Szmidt, president of the Empik Group.

Biometric payment

Globally, 74 percent consumers declare a positive attitude towards biometric technologies. In Poland, 4 out of 5 respondents admit that they use or have used biometric security, and among people aged 18-25, almost everyone has had contact with biometrics.

– Polish consumers are leaders in openness to innovation. The pilot that we are initiating today with Empik and PayEye is also a confirmation of Mastercard's commitment to the development of local technologies and supporting the Polish electronic payments market. We believe that biometrics can provide consumers with a best-in-class experience, balancing convenience and security, and we look forward to scaling our program here in Poland,” says Marta Życińska, CEO of Mastercard Europe, Poland.

PayEye is a Polish fintech that develops its own technology for cashless biometric payments in stores using the fusion of eye and facial biometrics. To be able to accept payments in the PayEye system, the entrepreneur must be equipped with a special eyepos terminal. For now, such a terminal is 20 percent more expensive than a standard device, but as this technology becomes more popular, it will become equal in price to standard terminals.

– Cooperation with brands such as Mastercard and Empik is an amazing adventure for us and we are glad that together we have created a program in which buyers can test the PayEye service on such a scale – comments Daniel Jarząb, CEO of PayEye.

As part of the Biometric Checkout program, Mastercard does not process any biometric data, but ensures that stakeholders such as Empik and PayEye maintain the highest level of security and privacy when making biometric payments in the store.

The PayEye application can be downloaded to your mobile device. It allows you to connect a Mastercard payment card. The technology verifies the iris and face scan. This allows for double authentication of payments.

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