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In the category of used cars, European brands remain the most popular among Belarusians

В категории б/у автомобилей европейские бренда остаются наиболее популярными у белорусов

In terms of the number of advertisements for the sale of passenger cars, Kufar ranks 2nd in Belarus. Today there are about 29,000 advertisements posted here. In recent months, you can notice an increase in the number of Chinese electric cars on city streets. Is this trend reflected in Kufar? And what trends can be seen on the site in 2024? Kufar analyzed advertisements from January to June.

The undisputed leader throughout the country is the Volkswagen Passat. The Golf model is also popular among Belarusians – it ranks 2nd in all regions, with the exception of Brest – here it is occupied by the Audi 100. Drivers also prefer Opel, Renault and Ford. And only in the Minsk rating can you find a BMW 5er. Chinese brands are not represented in the TOP 5.

sale of used cars in Belarussale of used cars in Belarus

If we talk about the years of manufacture, then cars with a history do not scare Belarusians – mostly cars from the second half of the 1990s are bought in Kufar. The median cost (average cost among offers) of successfully closed ads is $2,050.

sale of used cars in Belarus

In the first half of 2024, 5,561 – 6,678 cars were purchased in Kufar every month. The largest number of transactions occurred in March and April, but in the winter months cars were purchased less by 10 – 15%. We can say that from January to June demand was quite stable. And if you pay attention to leads (views of phone numbers), you will notice that with the onset of the summer months their number decreases. Perhaps this is due to the influence of the holiday season.

sale of used cars in Belarus

Drivers choose mainly gasoline engines for their cars – they account for 64.6%. Diesel fuel is preferred by 35.19% of Belarusians. Are electric cars popular? Obviously not – the maximum they reached was 0.16% in the ranking of those sold on Kufar.

sale of used cars in Belarus

A newfangled phenomenon – the purchase of Chinese cars with electric motors – is only gaining momentum, but the preferences of Belarusians remain quite traditional – European cars confidently remain at the top of the rating. It may take a few more years for our drivers to appreciate all the pros and cons of the new proposals.

And this is how artificial intelligence sees the most popular car in Belarus based on Kufar’s data.

sale of used cars in Belarus

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