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How to protect your margin when inflation slows down?

Jak chronić marżę, gdy inflacja hamuje?

The first step in the margin optimization process is an in-depth analysis of the profitability of all product groups. It is important to understand which audiences, locations and distribution channels are most profitable, and which promotional activities and suppliers are most effective. It is also crucial to carefully examine the market environment, taking into account both micro and macroeconomic aspects, competition and consumer and price trends. Such an analysis allows you to effectively launch the margin optimization process by comparing the conclusions from the analysis of products and the business model with market conditions and trends.

Flexible offer, the right supplier portfolio

In trade, the flexibility of the product offer adjusted to demand and supply is crucial for effective margin management. After a thorough analysis, the entrepreneur can change the product mix, adapting it to the market situation and sales opportunities, taking into account the customer structure, infrastructure and resources. An appropriate pricing strategy and cost control, such as administration, infrastructure maintenance and advertising activities, play an important role in margin management.

An economically selected supplier portfolio is also an important element. Diversification, contract flexibility and the ability to renegotiate commercial terms depending on changing market conditions may significantly affect the margin. Therefore, it is worth regularly reviewing your supplier database and comparing it with market opportunities, which may lead to better trading conditions.

We cannot forget about ensuring appropriate distribution channels and customer retention strategies. It is also crucial to invest in the development of teams and direct resources towards achieving the company's profitability goals. High-quality management information, both financial and market, is essential for making good decisions.

It is also worth using modern technologies that support business operationally and help generate data to facilitate decision-making. Process automation simplifies work, and artificial intelligence helps to better position products and select promotional activities based on database analysis. Thanks to this, enterprises can manage their margin more effectively and create lasting value – sums up the expert.

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