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How to check if your house is ready for heat pump heating?

Jak sprawdzić, czy twój dom jest gotowy na ogrzewanie pompą ciepła?

So how can we check whether our house is ready for the effective use of a heat pump? If it is being built, this technology seems to be an ideal solution. As a rule, new buildings are much better prepared to work with a heat pump than existing ones.

They usually have much better thermal insulation and much lower specific demand for thermal energy (in accordance with the requirements of the current regulations of the so-called WT 2021 technical conditions), as well as often a low-temperature heating system. Thanks to this, the heat pump can operate with maximum efficiency.

Nevertheless, we are also able to achieve good results in older buildings (even those without thermal modernization) – adequate thermal comfort, reduction of heating costs and, of course, great usability – emphasize PORT PC experts.

This is confirmed by monitoring studies carried out in many such facilities. If we live in an older house, it is worth analyzing several important issues before installation to optimize our investment. What exactly should you pay attention to?

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We check whether a heat pump is suitable for your home step by step

First of all, you need to assess the heat demand in your house – both that which is necessary for adequate heating of the rooms and that which will ensure the preparation of the required amount of hot water for all the inhabitants of the house.

A thorough assessment of heat demand is a basic step in investment planning. Therefore, it must be carried out professionally. The correct selection of a heat pump, its efficiency and subsequent operating costs depend on this – emphasize PORT PC experts.

Check out these 5 things that confirm whether your house is ready for the installation of a heat pump. Source: PC PORT Check out these 5 things that confirm whether your house is ready for the installation of a heat pump. Source: PC PORT

Let us remember that a heat pump is generally not suitable for houses that are so-called energy vampires and require several to a dozen times more energy to heat rooms than well-insulated buildings.

In such houses, you must first reduce heat loss, most often comprehensively, by insulating the walls, ceiling or roof and replacing leaky windows. Otherwise, no modern heating device – whether it be a heat pump or a boiler – will work in them, primarily because the operating costs will be too high – emphasize PORT PC experts.

Another important issue is to check the suitability of the heating installation in terms of effective cooperation with the heat pump. To some extent, we can make such an assessment ourselves, but ultimately, also here, the support of a specialist is necessary – an installer specializing in the installation of heat pumps.

We will also need professional support when analyzing the total demand for electrical power in the building after connecting the heat pump in relation to the existing connection power. – – emphasize PORT PC experts. – It may be necessary to submit an application to increase the connection capacity, especially if an air-to-water heat pump with an electric heater is taken into account. However, there are alternative solutions that should be suggested by a specialist – e.g. the use of a modern energy management system in the building or the installation of a photovoltaic installation.

Another important area to be assessed before installing a heat pump is the device's potential to use natural energy resources in the building's surroundings, or in other words – the optimal selection of the lower heat source that it will use.

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Why is it worth performing a home energy audit before deciding to install a heat pump?

When considering installing a heat pump in an older home, it is worth commissioning an energy audit of the building.

Such an audit is the key to optimizing your investment. First of all, it allows us to precisely determine the current demand for heat for heating in our house, and thus properly match the heat pump to its energy needs. Even if we have design documentation for the building, the data it contains may be insufficient because sometimes changes are made during the construction of the house or during its use that significantly affect the demand. This includes, for example, installing new windows or replacing them, developing the attic, renovating the roof or replacing radiators – emphasize PORT PC experts.

Thanks to the energy audit, we will also find out whether the building requires thermal modernization (and if so, to what extent), what specific actions will bring the best results, how much the demand for heat for heating can be reduced, which heat pump is best to choose and what financial savings we will achieve in investment result.

As you can see, the audit will pay off, especially since the national Clean Air program provides additional funding for this purpose if the audit is used to carry out a comprehensive thermal modernization of the building. What's more – with such thermal modernization combined with the installation of a heat pump, the "Clean Air" program ensures increased subsidy intensity and the highest subsidy amounts – emphasize PORT PC experts.

Thermal modernization of a building is, of course, not a condition for achieving thermal comfort in a building with a heat pump – even for houses with an increased demand for heat for room heating, you can choose a pump that will provide as much heat as needed.

Thermal modernization, on the other hand, is a common sense activity because it allows you to choose a heat pump with a lower power (i.e. usually cheaper), as well as reduce its energy consumption and significantly reduce heating costs.

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What are the benefits, not only for your wallet, when choosing a heat pump for home heating?

First of all, installing a heat pump now – despite relatively high electricity prices – allows you to significantly reduce heating and hot water bills. However, the financial benefits of investing in a heat pump will systematically increase.

This is due to, among others, from the fact that the use of solutions based on fossil fuels will become more and more expensive, and the electricity needed to power heat pumps will become increasingly cheaper, mainly because it will be increasingly produced from renewable energy sources.

Electrification of heating through the popularization of heat pumps is now not only a European, but also a global megatrend. Houses equipped with this modern and effective heating device are gaining in market value, and there are many indications that their owners will soon be able to count on preferential lending or insurance conditions in connection with the use of "green" technology, such as heat pumps. If you want to follow this trend, it is best to decide to install a heat pump – emphasize PORT PC experts.

It is worth keeping in mind your contribution to air quality protection and health benefits (which consequently reduces possible medical expenses). This is an extremely important aspect, especially in our country, because Poland is one of the countries with the most polluted air in Europe.

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Another significant advantage of heat pumps is that they are compatible with photovoltaics.

By choosing such a combination, you can reduce the cost of their work for heating purposes by up to half, while increasing the profitability of investing in photovoltaics. The benefits will be even greater if we also use the heat pump to cool the building in the summer (some devices provide this function) and if, over time, we supplement the system with additional energy storage. It is worth mentioning that electric cars may soon serve as such a warehouse – emphasize PORT PC experts.

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