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Hollywood Hair with application. It will use artificial intelligence to extend hair

Hollywood Hair z aplikacją. Wykorzystaje sztuczną inteligencję do przedłużania włosów

The mobile application created by Hollywood Hair is new on the market. Currently, there are no companies that combine all functions from booking appointments, through consulting, online consultations, virtual hair extensions and a store in one place through the so-called click on your phone. The Hollywood Hair solution is the first technology in Poland enabling hair fitting through the use of AR and AL technologies. Thanks to the innovative tool, every woman can experiment with her own style and appearance. The brand specializing in hair extensions, which operates salons in Poland and Marbella in Spain, decided to use new technologies even more in running and developing business, which resulted in the application it has created.

– Our application has successfully passed all tests and we can now put it into the hands of users. This is a kind of revolution on the beauty salon and hair extension market. Thanks to the use of AR, i.e. augmented reality, you can virtually extend your hair, change its color or structure, and then watch this effect in the application in real time. Our tool allows you to see what a person will look like with a new hairstyle before making a final decision. Additionally, we have prepared our own reservation system in the application. I'm even more proud that we were the first to do it. Many companies providing services like us use ready-made platforms and do not create their own tools. We broke away and I am convinced that it was the right decision – says Klaudia Duszyńska – founder of Hollywood Hair.

The free app from Hollywood Hair allows you to make appointments, manage visits, virtual extensions and hair selection. Each user will have their own history and card and will be able to order products from the brand's store. The application also includes a quiz, based on which women will be able to obtain information and advice on hair care and solving hair-related problems. The tool was created in cooperation between Hollywood Hair and DesignoWeb – an IT company based in Delhi, India. Work on the application lasted 11 months. The latest technological innovations were taken into account.

– We want to set trends, be perceived as an innovative company with a vision and build a global brand by standing out with these types of projects. Our application will also work on the British market, where we are scheduled to launch our first showroom in July. The possibility of virtual hair extensions we offer should help us acquire new clients, consolidate our position in Poland and support us in building it in the world – emphasizes Klaudia Duszyńska – founder of Hollywood Hair.

The new application from Hollywood Hair is available on the AppStore and GoogleStore in Poland and the British Isles. Additionally, over the past months, the company has been working on creating a completely new and extensive CRM system for managing its showrooms, which is fully integrated with the application.

Hollywood Hair plans to develop a network of salons both in Poland and abroad. This year, the company will begin expanding its market in Great Britain, and the first local salon operating under its banner will be opened in London. The brand intends to create a chain of showrooms in England similar to the one operating in Poland.

Data shows that the global beauty AI market was worth $216.12 million in 2020. It is expected to reach $1.26 billion by 2027.

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