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Hello Day! Magico from Agus has hit the shelves of Polish stores

Hello Day! Magico od Agus trafił na półki polskich sklepów 

Hello Day! VEGAN certified smoothie

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Hello Day! VEGAN certified smoothie

Hello Day! Magico is a new product from Agus that changes the conventional view of the pleasure category. Traditional ice cream, cookies and chocolate are no longer able to fully meet the needs of demanding consumers. So what can attract their attention and offer new experiences? A product that, in addition to its great taste, promises a real revolution in the feeling of pleasure!

A magical debut

Springy pieces of coconut (nata de coco) combined with natural fruit juice create an original composition of the Hello Day! brand. Magico. Biting and chewing the juicy pieces of this fruit are the basis of the drink's pleasure, causing a unique feeling. Who among us doesn't need such a magical moment of pleasure? Now we have it at our fingertips – just go to the Netto, Kaufland or Polomarket chain stores or order online in Frisco," says the manufacturer.

– After the official presentation of the brand at this year's international Gulfood fair in Dubai, we knew that our work on this unique drink would be appreciated by consumers and would appeal to their tastes. That's why we started cooperation with modern retail chains in Poland and in July Hello Day! Magico will be available to consumers at an attractive price. The premiere of our new product will take place on July 11 in Netto chain stores, and then the product will be distributed to other recipients, in a total of 1,200 stores – says Jarosław Bańda, communications director of Agus.

Agus wants Hello Day! Magico provided consumers not only with unexpected taste sensations, but also visual ones. The name and the blue, irregular star on the packaging were developed as a result of cooperation between Agus and the well-known Italian agency Break Design. Magico comes from a combination of the English words magic and coconut, while in Italian the word simply means magic and is pronounced mà-gi-co. In this creative way, the brand encourages the consumer to experience pleasant moments and go on a magical journey.

– The pleasure trend is a big challenge for food industry producers, not only the taste or quality of the product are important here. When creating Hello Day! For Magico, the unique nature of the sensory experience was key: we wanted the drink to provide consumers with unexpected experiences, while remembering that a distinctive visual identification can be a decisive factor in choice, comments Jarosław Bańda.

The drink, enclosed in a unique packaging, is available in three flavors: mango, lychee and coconut. The drink contains less than 5g of sugar per 100 ml and is not subject to sugar tax. Reducing sugar in food products is a key element for both consumer health and ESG compliance. It helps reduce the risk of chronic disease, improve oral health and supports sustainable agricultural and production practices. Hello Day! Magico is available in a 500 ml PET bottle that is fully recyclable.

Agus, as an international company with experience in the food industry, is perfectly aware that introducing a new product to the market is associated with specific regulations and market expectations, which, however, directly translates into benefits for society, the environment and long-term business success.

Agus Horizon 2048

The pleasure category of the Hello Day! brand expands the well-known and appreciated Agus product portfolio. According to the company's strategy, known as Agus Horizon 2048, among goals such as business diversification, new sales channels and internationalization, the creation of new products and services is one of the key directions of its development. In its employer brand strategy, the company emphasizes that in its activities, people are always at the center of attention, regardless of whether it concerns customers or employees. By offering its talents space to create, Agus encourages them to act outside the box, which is expressed by its employer brand slogan based on the word BEYOND. And as you can see from the success of Hello Day! Magico, this approach works. The company's development is possible thanks to solid values that have been cultivated for over 25 years, in line with Agus' mission to meet the needs and aspirations of people, positively influencing the quality of their lives.

The presented novelty refers to the rapidly developing pleasure trend. The Mintel Global Food and Drink Trends report shows that for less than 40% of consumers, the aspect of eating pleasure – appropriate taste, texture, sensations and emotions – is extremely important. Given the development of technologies such as AI and AR, it is also important to emphasize that consumers will look for more ways to enjoy eating and drinking with minimal effort.

– We want to provide consumers with a sense of pleasure and give them a moment for themselves. Taking into account the entire spectrum of global events in recent years – the COVID-19 pandemic, armed conflicts, economic changes – it can be definitely said that consumer expectations and needs have changed significantly. Feeling small pleasures is important to them. Nowadays, maybe even more than before – sums up Jarosław Bańda.

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