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He ran 4 Auchan stores that went bankrupt. The chain declares that it checks every franchisee

Prowadził 4 sklepy Auchan, które upadły. Sieć deklaruje, że sprawdza każdego franczyzobiorcę

By a final and binding decision of May 8, 2024 issued in the case, the District Court in Kielce, 5th Commercial Division, secured the assets of the debtor AMBER Group in liquidation with its registered office in Skarżysko-Kamienna by appointing a temporary court supervisor, whose function will be held by Grzegorz Tu.

Personnel change in Carrefour, Auchan and Polomarket. Bail changes and a series of bankruptcies

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Personnel change in Carrefour, Auchan and Polomarket. Bail changes and a series of bankruptcies

What stores did the Auchan franchisee run?

The case became famous when the Auchan store in Kielce went bankrupt, where employees were selling goods for cash on the orders of the company's authorities. June 11 this year the crew, i.e. 20 employees, signed the termination of the employment contract due to the employer's fault. Auchan in Galeria Korona in Kielce had been operating since March 7, and the franchisee of the Auchan store filed for bankruptcy on April 25 this year, i.e. a month and a half after the store was launched. There is no court decision on this matter yet. Although the company's loss for 2023 was PLN 2.7 million, Auchan entrusted the company with another franchise (a store in Kielce), which went bankrupt 3 months after opening.

In turn, Auchan in Ciechanów at Pułtuska 110 operated from mid-July 2023 to the end of April 2024, i.e. 9 months. It employed over 700 sq m. 18 people to serve.

Auchan at Cuprum Arena in Lubin has been operating since August 2023 and also closed before the end of its first year of operation. Now the store is covered with the banner "We are changing for you. Auchan".

Also in Karolina Park in Rzeszów, things happened at an express pace. On December 21, the store moves into the center and disappears at the end of May.

In this way, the Auchan chain lost 4 franchise outlets in a month. However, the company is considering opening stores with its logo in at least two of the 4 stores vacated by the franchisee.

Auchan store liquidation after 3 months. No payments to employees

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Auchan store liquidation after 3 months. No payments to employees

How are Auchan franchisees checked?

– When developing the Auchan franchise network, we are looking for professional candidates with experience in retail trade. Each case is carefully analyzed. The terms of franchise cooperation are defined in the agreement with the partner. Contracts are concluded for a maximum period of 10 years, with the possibility of extension. Auchan uses a franchise model in which we leave our partners a large margin of freedom and independence in shaping the offer tailored to the needs of local customers. We work with each partner on an offer tailored to their commercial project.
The decision to start a franchise is a process in which we work closely with our future franchisees at every stage and offer training programs. We are open to various proposals. We give you the opportunity to use our know-how, our knowledge of the market and our product offer. We adapt to the needs of each store format and help in the implementation of the business from preparing documentation to opening the store – informs the portal Auchan press office.

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