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Giny Boer leaves C&A

Giny Boer leaves C&A

Giny Boer is stepping down as CEO at C&A. Edward Brenninkmeijer will take over her position ad interim as the fashion retailer searches for a successor.

Modernisation project

Giny Boer wants to focus on non-executive opportunities, according to the press release. She joined C&A as CEO in 2020. She came over from IKEA at the time. Boer set in motion an ambitious modernisation project at the fashion group, which involved shop closures across Europe but also a major refurbishment programme for all physical shops. From now on, the retailer wants to grow with smaller city shops that focus on inspiration and service for a female audience. At the same time, the ambition was to get half of its sales from online by 2026 to appeal to a younger audience – but the retailer had to scale back that ambition.

Whether the top woman’s departure will also end or change the fashion company’s innovation project is not yet clear. Provisionally, Edward Brenninkmeijer, a scion of C&A’s well-known family of owners, will ensure continuity after her departure. Over the last decade, he served as CEO of C&A Brazil, Mexico and China, as well as led C&A Europe as an interim CEO before Giny Boer joined the company.

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