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Germany: in 2023 there will be fewer organic farms

Niemcy: w 2023 r. ubyło gospodarstw ekologicznych

Organic production unattractive to farmers

Data from the German Ministry of Agriculture (BMEL) show that organic food is no longer attractive to farmers. In 2023, there were fewer organic farms than in the previous year – for the first time in 30 years.

Previously, the number of organic farms was constantly growing. Over the last five years, organic farming has grown by 7.5%. During this time, 2,570 companies switched to this type of activity. However, last year 182 farms abandoned organic farming.

At the level of 0.5 percent. companies, it is a small percentage, but a strong signal. Ultimately, the federal government wants to make organic farming more attractive through its ecological strategy. However, last year fewer farmers were willing to make the switch, the DBV economic barometer showed.

The average area of an organic farm is growing

However, there is also good news for organic farmers: structural change does not affect them as badly as in the case of conventional farming. In all agriculture, 1.4 percent gave up. enterprises – more than in the case of organic farming. However, the area of organic crops per farm is also constantly increasing, as is the area of organic crops in Germany. Each organic farm currently cultivates an average of 51.5 ha. Last year it was 1 ha less.

Last year, organic farmers owned 29,439 ha more than the year before. In total, farmers in Germany currently cultivate 1,888,999 ha organically. This represents a share of 11.4 percent. total agricultural area, and therefore much less than the desired 30 percent. by 2030

Over the last five years, the area of organic farming in Germany has increased by 17.1%, or 275,165 hectares. This corresponds to an area increase approximately the size of the Saarland. Even if such growth is achieved again in the next 5 years, the 30% target is still distant.

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